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I missed the turn off to go to my normal gym this morning and the next turn off isn’t until quite a ways down the road. I had almost convinced myself to just drive to work and I’d run outside around the office and shower and get ready there at work. (There is a place to do this.) I changed my mind because I had to go to the bathroom and I knew both that I could NOT run while needing to pee because I’m not hard core enough to be OK with wetting myself for the sake of the run AND that I was not really willing to go into the building where I work before running while wearing all my running stuff and having not showered just to use the restroom and then leave. I decided instead to drive a bit further down the road from my work to the other Lifetime there.

I drive up and there are construction trucks and demolition bins everywhere. The parking lot is full, though, so clearly they are still open. I went in and it was a mad house of everything being torn apart. The only place not touched was the aerobic exercise area with all the machines and the running track. I went down to the locker room and they had the women’s locker room all marked off and signs saying the women were to use the ‘family’ locker room for now. Evidently, they had already finished the family locker room and while it was tiny, it was pretty nice. The showers were in their own little rooms with lockable doors going into them. They had benches and everything in each individual shower room. There wasn’t any counter space to brush your teeth or your hair or anything though – just a couple of individual bathrooms with those same lockable doors and a toilet and sink and mirror in each room. Since we will remember that I, in fact, needed to use the restroom we will note the dismay I felt in learning that the restrooms were being propped open so people could use the sink and mirrors. I found a locker and dropped off all my stuff (thankfully I had dressed in my workout stuff at home even though it was FREEZING to walk around outside in a tank top and shorts) so I could head out in search of a working bathroom. After getting directions 2 different times from 2 different people (um, ya, the place wasn’t that big so either I’m a really bad finder or the people were really bad at giving directions) I found a bathroom with 1 working stall in it.

By now it is getting pretty late and I don’t have much time left. I decided to run on the track because I’ve never done that before and I just wanted the experience. There were a few people walking on it, but no other runners. I tried to stick to the middle lane but it was kinda insulting because it was labeled for “Slow runners” while the other one was labeled for “9 min mile or faster runners”. Well, I’m no 9 min miler (yet) so I shuffled along in the slow lane. I thought it was really funny that they had signs alternating the direction of the runners every other day until I made it a few times around the track. It feels really annoying to always turn in the same direction so I could see how if you went there every day you’d want to run the other way. I finished a 30 minute run and on the way back to change I noticed a sign saying that they would be closed as of Friday until the grand re-opening around the 21st. I guess I was lucky they were open when I came here. I noticed that they had an outdoor pool which I think the kids would love so I’m looking forward to that this summer, although I wish it wasn’t such a drive to get there. I’m also really excited to see the new locker room once they are done there.

One thing from this morning was that they did not have a scale in the family room. That means I have another grace day before weighing in which I’ve decided is a good thing. No good could possibly have come from weighing in today after 4 days off. Not that tomorrow will be much better but hey, I’ll take what I can. I don’t know what it is lately with all this but I have been missing so many days to workout. I’d love to blame the busy summer but I didn’t run into this last year at this time. Last Sat I could’ve gone in but I was out at my mom’s house and didn’t want to deal with it. Sunday I could not have gone until at night due to the birthday thing. (That would be Jessie’s birthday thing, which was marvelous and fun and wonderful! My baby girl made herself a pink cat named Feline – as in – Bambi and Feline – pronounced phonetically fa-leen. My husband thinks she is a genius for naming her cat feline, as in phonetically fe-line. Jessie had a great time with her friends but it is hard for me, the social equivalent to a loudspeaker and spotlights, to watch my daughter hide and shy away from the group.) Monday I also could not have gone until night because my poor baby Asher had a bad tummy bug and while he blessed me by NOT doing anything gross in my car on the ride to and from the doctor office, that was about the only thing he did not hit. My washing machine just gave me a notice of strike yesterday saying that I was not allowed to put anything noxious in it for at least another week. Totally fair terms, if you ask me. Tuesday my husband requested I take over pick up and drop off duties while he biked into work. Since we were over at his mom’s house until pretty late that night too, I didn’t even really get a chance to go in at night. Do you see the problem here? If it isn’t fitting into my schedule all pretty and normal-like, I’m not making space for working out. Since my life is not actually ever pretty and normal-like, that means I’m missing a lot of days. I need to address that. I also need to address the fact that I’ve been eating less healthy for snacks. I used to be very good about having fun HEALTHY things on hand for snacking and I have not been doing so well with that lately. I picked up some rhubarb today that I can cut up and I think that’ll be a good start. It is time to reassess the habits and figure out how to put them back on the better track.




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