Naked people running

Imagine, if you will, being in the shower at your gym.  You have just applied conditioner to your hair and are now rinsing your hands and getting ready to shave.  Over the PA system, you hear “Attention Lifetime members and guests, please evacuate the building.  Attention Lifetime members and guests, you need to evacuate the building due to a gas leak.”  That was my morning!  At the risk of blowing up with the building, I decided to take the time to leave relatively on my own terms.  I know, risky, but so is running out of the gym with a towel wrapped around me and leaving all my stuff in my locker.  (At least I lock my locker when I’m in the shower and don’t leave everything sitting out on the bench.)  So, I do a quick rinse, feel bad about not shaving my legs, and dry off as quickly as I can with my towel.  I head to the lockers where people are asking if we heard the news about the gas leak.  Yes, thank you, we heard but as you can see, we are NAKED.  Sheesh.  I throw on some clothes and jam my feet into my shoes and pack everything up and run out.  My hair is unbrushed and dripping, my teeth are unbrushed and my red and white gingham shirt is starting to show off my blue bra as the water spreads from my shoulders down.  I DID, thankfully, apply deoderant.  I stop at my car in the parking lot to put on my belt – while people just coming to the gym for their workout and have no idea what is going on wonder why the crazy blue-bra lady is holding up her shirt to mess with her belt in the parking lot.  Or they are wondering what the hell Cousin It is doing with belted pants and a bra because, well, did I mention my hair was just hanging down and dripping wet?  Never a dull day, people.  Never.

I have to take a moment to totally brag about my accomplishment in the workout before the gas leak.  I did something that I have been too intimidated to do for the last year.  I went to the strength training section, found a piece of equipment, and used it.  I know!  Not a single person pointed or laughed or anything.  Well, I did change the height of the seat on one thing and sit down on it only to have the whole seat come crashing down to the floor with me, but I don’t think anyone was paying any attention.  When my sisters were here, Beckey had said I had definition in my arms.  Now, she was either just being nice or she meant that my arms looked normal and not all fat like they used to because I decidedly do NOT have any definition to my arms.  I have plenty of extra skin, but that doesn’t count, I don’t think.  I would like to fix that to at least some degree so I worked my arms in a little strength session today.  I thought I had done a good job doing 2 reps of 10 on 4 different pieces of equipment, but I’m not feeling very sore or anything now so I’m going to guess I need to work harder.  This was after a ~35 minute run though so I felt my workout commitment had been kept. 

Back in the locker room (pre-shower-gas-leak-fun), I had to face the dreaded weigh in.  I get so worked up over this when it has been awhile.  I ended up with…160!  Not so bad afterall!  I cannot imagine why, but I’ll take it!  Too bad I’m so close to the weekend again.  I’ll just have to make sure I’m dedicated to finding workout time.  BTW – tomorrow is Friday and Kris is having his other shoulder operated on so I won’t be hitting the gym first thing in the morning.  This weekend will be a VERY good test of my ability to fit in workouts creatively.

On the surro front, there has been no news.  Technically we are not expecting the donor to notify us of her PMS symptoms until tomorrow so it isn’t time to get worried just yet.  I think I’m just antsy considering the last time we were waiting an egg donor to say she’s started her period.  We’re all just hoping this goes over smoothly.


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