Well, sorta…

I was not impressed with how I did this past weekend. For a ‘test’ of my resolve to workout when it isn’t easy, I didn’t do so well. The one thing I can say is that I DID fully put together the roof for the swing-set, lift that sucker up to the top of the ‘play structure’, and attach it. Then when I was outside with the kids I looked up at it only to notice that it was really lopsided and DUH, I had put one side of the roof together totally wrong. So I UNattached it, took it down off the top, took it all apart, and redid the one side. Then I put it back together and once again lifted it up to the top of the swing set and attached it there. My arms, which did eventually get sore by Friday morning from the uber strength training session I did, are quite sore again today. I think that counts for some workout points. Also, I did all of this while my general contractor neighbor that built his own house himself was working in his yard next door where he could see me. TOTALLY embarrassing. It is so intimidating to be building that where he can see! LOL! He did come over when I was lifting the roof up to the top to see if I needed help. Probably because I looked so fully ridiculous. Because it would drive me insane to have all my neighbors knock on my door to see if I could fix their computers, I refuse to ever ask our neighbor to help out with this stuff. When he came over that one time I’m sure he noticed that I had put the roof together wrong and he didn’t say anything about it – because – well – how would he have done that without being a little snotty about it? Could you see? “Oh, did you notice that this side of the roof is longer than the other side and it looks all crappy and you are going to have to redo the whole thing?” I don’t think there is a polite way to say that. Oh, I’m mortified. On the plus side, I did figure out how to put enough pressure on the drill/screwdriver so that it actually put the screw into the roof frame instead of just stripping the screw by the end. I braced myself on the ground by it and used my feet/legs to push it in while just pressing the trigger with my hands. Worked awesomely. I just had to make sure my neighbor wasn’t watching while I did THAT!

With Kris still out of commission and me doing drop off and pick up duties for the kids, I still have a chance to prove myself and my dedication by making it to the gym this week. I have my bag packed so I just need to figure out when. In theory I could probably do it tonight but I’m going to aim for leaving work with enough time to get it in before I have to get the kids.

OH! One other thing I did this weekend that was like working out – I got the pool out and set up for the kids. I do not know how Kris got it into that box last fall, but pulling that pool out of the box was like assisting a birth to a giant wad of blue and white plastic – only someone stole my forceps, and the patient (aka, Mrs. cardboard box) kept sliding across the lawn instead of staying put when I tried to pull. Just replace ‘push’ with ‘pull’! Breathe, breathe, breathe, PULL! We then put together the metal frame and straightened it all out and Gavin started the hose. I don’t know how the kids can play in it when the water is ice cold from the hose still but they do. Even little Asher was walking around in there, having the time of his life. I am thinking, however, that we will be much more strict about the swim diapers now though because I took his regular diaper off after it not only sucked up the whole pool worth of water but started drawing the clouds down out of the sky towards him. I went into the house to throw that one into the diaper bin and when I came out, Gavin was on the stairs to the pool asking me “Mom, is Asher supposed to poop in the pool?” Um, is that a trick question? So we had to let all the water that had so far filled into the pool out, fish out the poop pieces (ew), and disinfect the inside of the pool.

Because Beckey asked, I will share a little of our Saturday. For more details, Beckey, you’ll have to call. We had a court appointed ‘visitation day’ with my father on Saturday. Very long story, but he has dementia and there are issues about his kids being able to visit him. According to the courts, we legally get to see him the 2nd and 4th Sat of each month. Last Sat was one of those. My brothers came out to my house and I drove out ~3 hours with them and my kids. Kris was staying home due to recovering from surgery and his brother was staying at the house to help him out. The person that is caring for Dad now, we’ll call Gouda, just for the sake of the blog. Gouda and us kids, well, we don’t all get along so hot. Gouda was not supposed to be there when we visited and although she answered the door, she left right away. Well, not right away. She said she didn’t know I was bringing the kids and she didn’t pick things up in the house for kids because, you know, we don’t want anything broken. She then went back, picked 3 green candles up and put them on a higher shelf. Weird. I had also asked if she had indeed wanted to get a nurse because in court, we were told she required that. We originally tried to fight it saying we didn’t need a nurse to be able to care for him but they told us to not fight it. Gouda acted all weird about me asking about the nurse, like I was being a wuss for needing one when I had said we did not, I was just not sure about the details after what we had heard in the court room. She said there wasn’t one and we’d have to take care of him. She was acting very much like she was convinced we’d burn the house down while she was gone. Anyway, the visit went well. Dad was happy to see us and got a huge kick out of learning the boys sang just like he did. They brought a CD of Zach in the choir and he seemed to really like that. After a few hours though, he was getting anxious and was asking about Gouda. We called her and she came back and the whole thing ended a little earlier than planned. The children did not break anything, although Asher gave Dad a big hug and kiss when we left.

Surrogacy news: We have PMS for the donor!! LOL! Our donor has actually started her cycle and is on BCPs as I write this. We are so far a GO for our transfer in late July. At the moment I’m bummed that she is annon as I’d love to put together a PMS basket to send out to her. Let’s see… some tampons, pads with wings, chocolate, Midol, and maybe a bottle of tequila. On the really annoying side of things, I had to find this out because my wonderful guys told me. Not, in fact, because the agency handling all of this made a point of notifying me that yes, this egg donor did in fact actually get her period and is cycling just like she is supposed to be and all is on schedule.


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  1. I’m not sure where to comment, but since I use wordpress, and your probably moving to this site, I figure I’ll comment here. Glad to hear the surrogacy thing is finally moving forward. Have you started your shots again? At least you know what to do this time, right 😉

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