Why Kristina sucks

Well, thanks to Kristina (Hey girl, let me know if it is OK to link this!) who has motivated me by being a total pill and getting down into the OMG I WANT TO BE YOU weight range now, I got up extra early and ran around my neighborhood, came home and did push ups (I really don’t like you, Kristina), and got my stretching in all before my alarm would’ve made me get up and shower. Granted, that would’ve been the LATE setting I’ve been using since I have to drop the kids off at daycare and not go to the gym in the morning, but still. I really had a very nice run this morning and I could’ve gone longer if I had gotten up earlier so we’ll have to make that a goal tomorrow. For the push-ups… um… I am a wuss. I didn’t actually attempt this because I had a fear of smashing my face into the hardwood floor and breaking my nose which would’ve been a huge hassle since Kris is still getting over his shoulder surgery and SOMEONE needs to take care of our kids, but I’m quite certain that if I was on my toes and got all the way down to having my face near the floor, I’d never EVER be able to get back up. Instead I went about halfway down and back up. I believe from reading Kristina’s blog that I’m supposed to do this as many times as I can and then go from there but since that was not an actual push-up I’m going with a big fat 0 as my starting point. I then did sets of 2 of my wuss-push ups by only going down as far as I could for about 10 minutes. As soon as Kris is better and I can get back into the gym, I’m going back to those machines. I’d rather fall on my ass when the seat isn’t set right vs. falling on my face because my arms are too puny. In the meantime, push-ups it is. I’m really really really loving the motivation, Kristina, but seriously… don’t look at me if you get an anonymous cookie gram delivered to your door.

Last night I made shish-ka-bobs for dinner. I get those Jenny-o turkey breast that think they are chicken breast things because A) they are cheaper by weight, B) they are healthier per serving, and C) they have no fat or gross stuff to trim so you can use them straight from the freezer. In short, I love them very very much. I cut those into bite-sized pieces and cut up some red and green peppers and ka-bobbed those with shrooms and pineapple. YUM! The kids loved them and loved the whole ‘eating off a stick’ thing even more although Asher couldn’t eat off the big ka-bob stick so I put all his food on little toothpicks and served his meal on a silver tray with little plastic glasses of champaign. As it turns out, he went to bed early.* Anyway, it was a nice healthy meal which we’ve not had a lot of lately with summer being so enticing right out there in our backyard when we get home from work/daycare. It is so hard to stay inside and cook right when I get home.

Speaking of our backyard and summer, our strawberries are just now giving us fruit! This spring has been so odd! There are still even flowers growing on the strawberries so they’ll be giving berries for awhile now. I’m really liking this as the birds are so confused by it that they are leaving the berries alone (well, it might also be due to the gaggle of neighborhood kids that never leaves our backyard due to the new awesome cool slide/swing set too.) I’ve also got our pepper plants transferred to the garden and the watermelon plant. It used to be watermelon plants, but Jessie promptly stepped on one of them and broke off the whole plant at the base. Since it is not a dandelion, I suspect it will not be growing back. Based on growth-rate, we’ll have harvestable watermelons by Feb anyway so I’m not too worried about that. I planted cherry tomato seeds and we’ll see if they actually have time to grow tomatoes this summer. I have my doubts. I also planted the string beans. These I know will do well as they grow like weeds out in the garden. I usually put 2-3 seeds in each spot and wait for them to grow so I can ‘thin’ them down to one in each spot. I do this because not every seed will grow so it is safer. It bugs me though because, well, what does that remind you of? Transferring multiple embryos so that at least one will make it and reducing if too many end up growing. Thankfully, P and J and I are all on the same page with that one and we will not be doing any reductions. unfortunately for the beans, my ethics are not so strict with them. Oh, I also have carrots growing. Carrots I think are silly because you only get one carrot per plant. Seriously, I’d need a patch the size of my house to grow enough of those but the kids like to see the tops growing so I plant them.

*Do I REALLY have to say that I’m kidding???  I don’t give my TWO YEAR OLD champaign.  I give him the cheap stuff – honestly – he doesn’t know the difference.


3 Responses

  1. Yep, you can link to it. No problem.

    I’m glad I’m motivating you. You’re motivating me too! 🙂 I’ll be doing workout 2 of week 1 of the 100 push up challenge tonight – 4, 3, 2, 2, max – real push ups, not on my knees – I may have jelly arms for the rest of the night! If I can do this – you can too!

    Your garden sounds great! I’ll give an update on my garden tonight or tomorrow too at Sunday Breakfast. It’s growing like mad!!!

  2. I didn’t do a veggie garden this year – but my lilies are looking awesome.

  3. I like the new site! Good luck on the pushup challenge.

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