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ERR 06

Hello again!

I’m loving my new stats! LOL! Thank you to everyone who visits and a big thanks for the comments too!

Well, I have to admit, I think I ate about 10K in calories yesterday. OK, not that bad but it wasn’t good either. I was working at a different facility yesterday so I didn’t have my cereal and soy milk there either. Instead I stopped at McDs to get a much loved egg mcmuffin which I don’t get often. I saw that McDs has iced coffees and I think the drugs they release from the drive through speakers were affecting my brain because I ordered one. I did ask for the vanilla one though as it didn’t look like it came with the whipped cream on top. Evidently I suck at reading the McD’s drive through menu because I totally confused the girl taking my order. She said there WASN’T a vanilla iced coffee and I said I didn’t know what it was then, but there was a picture that LOOKED like coffee with ice in it and to the side of it there were the three options, vanilla, something else, and something else. She was adamant that I didn’t know what I was talking about and ordered me something that had a coffee sounding word in it so I just went with it. I ended up with a plastic cup with a dome lid and a ton of whipped cream and some extremely nasty tasting iced coffee. Probably for the best anyway as it was so gross I just threw most of it away.

Once at work, I went on a little solo tour of the facility so I could check the place out by myself. They had a ‘fitness center’ there that looked pretty nice but it was packed with people. They also had a frozen food vending machine! I got a package of cookies while there where three cookies was ~100 cals and at 3 per day I’d be good for 5 days. Later at lunch I was still pretty good with a fruit cup and a salad. Then disaster struck. I went to pick up the kids and Cindy was handing out freezies right when I got there. Since they were getting in the car, Cindy said they couldn’t have the freezies (I wouldn’t have minded. There is already 1 package of gum, 28 assorted Yu-Gi-Oh cards, 38K crumbs, 1 uneaten bite of waffle and a squashed cake-type ice cream cone that I suspect actually came from one of my brothers in my back seats.) Oh the tears. We had just, as it turns out, used our last freezie last night so I was clean out of 2 and 4 year old crack at my house for the night and oh did they want freezies. Well, we really cannot be out of freezies for long at our house because the potential sugar crash if they ever got it out of their systems might kill me so I offered to stop at the store on the way home and pick some up. This was good because as my readers may recall, I needed to get some swim diapers for Asher anyway. We got to the store and I had to let the kids walk since someone needed to carry the freezie box. I got that and Asher went into melt-down mode because he wanted the freezie NOW. (Who taught my 2-year-old to say ‘I said NOW wench!’ anyway?) I ignored him and walked to the freezer section hoping for a little Popsicle to give them instead. The only frozen treats they had were these cookie ice cream sandwiches. Jessie’s eyes got real big and she was excited about that. Asher picked himself up off the floor long enough to grab one and walk merrily off to the candy racks. Oy. Back at the car, I was opening the sandwiches and taking a bite off the one I broke in half for each of them when I noticed… 500 calories each. Yes, these ice cream sandwiches had 500 calories and 20+ grams of fat EACH. Over the course of the evening, I probably ate about 2-300 calories worth of one of those. That was not good. OK, so not 10K worth of calories for the day but still… I felt bad.

On the good side, I did my workout again this morning. I didn’t end up running again though, instead I biked. I was GOING to jump rope as that sounded different and fun. That was, until I got the actual jump rope out (black and white with cow handles borrowed from the kids) and tried a few only to discover I kinda suck at jumping rope. Biking is FAST! LOL! I had to go pretty far to get a 30 minute ride in. I was loving the wind though. I was ~5 minutes off from my 30 minutes when I was at my house again so I decided to go as fast as I could around my ‘block’ (0.6 miles) until the 5 minutes was up. You don’t get the wind in your face and having to deal with turning when you ride on a stationary bike. This was very fun! I do not think, however, that I got much exertion in the whole thing because I wasn’t all that tired at the end. I did more push-ups though and it wasn’t any easier today. I think I’m actually getting weaker if that is possible.

After my workout I tried to check my weight with my brand new fancy BF% scale and it choked on me. I apparently weigh ‘ERR 06’ and my BF% is also ‘ERR 06’. This was hugely disappointing as even the error number has to have a 6 in it. Why couldn’t it be ‘ERR 05’??? I guess I’ll know what I weigh next week.

Oh, I keep forgetting to update everyone on my Yuko Hair Treatment appointment. I decided to go ahead with that. I will be doing this on Sat so I’ll have news about it after that. I refuse to say how much they quoted for me because it is so much that I’d be mortified to share. Suffice it to say that it is way above and beyond what anyone should reasonably be willing to pay for hair treatment. I do hope it works. I asked the woman if they had any kind of guarantee and that would be a big fat no. She didn’t SAY no, she kept saying I wouldn’t need it and of COURSE it will work and everything will be perfect. All the same, I hear the no loud and clear. I guess, pray to the hair gods for me for Sat or something because really, who knows what will happen.


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