Soltice greetings Father Sun

Happy Summer Solstice!!  What a beautiful day for the longest day of the year!!  Too bad Gavin isn’t feeling well so he could watch the solstice sunset with me.

As the day draws to a close, I cannot help but try very hard to talk myself both into and out of heading to the gym – or at least taking a run around the neighborhood.  You see, the part of me that wants to is insisting that even after getting my running clothes on and being about to head out the door over my lunch hour (I was working from home today), I did not make it on an actual run because there was too much buzz going on with work stuff over my e-mail.  I didn’t want my manager to ask me for something and not get a response from me even though it WAS a legit lunch-hour break activity.  Something about working from home and knowing that the 10 minutes you took not too long ago to change laundry loads and put some clothing away is noooot exactly what you should be doing while ‘at work’.  Oh, and the 3 hours spent on minesweeper. I was then planning on hooking the bike stroller up to my bike and riding to and from daycare to pick up the kids.  That was foiled when I couldn’t find the bike attachment anywhere for the stroller.  The part of me that doesn’t want to is saying that I’ll just get up early tomorrow morning a mere 10 hours from now and put in a good run so why bother now.  There is another part that is reminding me just how totally crappy I ate today with all the food in my house around me all day but that part shuts up when I give it more veggi crisps.  (For the record, I only ate 1/2 a serving and then I put the bag away.)  I really do want to find that blasted bike attachment because I can’t wait to go pick them up with the bike.

Other e-mail fun today was getting my medical protocol for my surrogacy stuff.  We finally have a new date for the transfer!  It looks like August 3rd will be it.  If that works out,  we’d have a due date in April.  That’s the diamond birth stone.  Not that I’ve already gone out and ordered my guys matching diamond belt buckles or anything just yet.  No, I’ll believe it is real this time when it actually happens.  We were matched before Thanksgiving and were told we’d probably be able to do our transfer in February.  Well, it’s not February.

OK, I’m back.  Sorry for the interruption.  The doorbell just rang at 9:30 at night.  Um, that’s a little late, I think.  I opened the door and it is one of the neighbor boy’s mom.  This boy is 5 years old and plays with my son a lot.  (Gavin is 8, almost 9.)  I don’t know if I should really say play because mostly he follows Gavin and his other 8 year old friend around all day.  When he is around, and if Ash is napping I won’t let them play inside because he is so LOUD.  Still, I feel for him because he always has full run of  the neighborhood all day long.  I would NOT have let my 5 year old do that.  Heck, I don’t let my 8 almost 9 year old do that.  If he doesn’t tell me where he is going if he leaves the yard, he gets grounded.  So, this boy’s mom asks if Gavin is here.  I say yes, but he is sleeping off a migraine.  (Which he is, poor guy.  He has gotten these since he was old enough to tell us his head hurts.)  Then she asks if her son is here.  Um, it is 9:30 at night.  You’re going door to door asking if your son is there?  It would be understandable if it was a one time thing.  Kids do from time to time misbehave and leave when you are not looking.  But she’s done this a number of times.  One time she heard my kids playing downstairs and said “No, I hear him down there.” and tried to come into our house after we told her he wasn’t here.  Hey, if you’re so worried we’re keeping him I’d suggest keeping a better eye on him lady.  I am sure she’ll find him eventually.  Then the sad thing is that he’ll be up and running around and very much NOT grounded tomorrow and doing the same thing.

While today is the first day of actual summer, I always know that on solstice we start going the other way.  It is extra sad this year because it really feels like we JUST finally got warm enough weather to go outside and enjoy it.  The pool is out, the garden is growing, and our grass isn’t dead and dry.  That’s a strange combination.


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