I can’t stop touching my hair

I was browsing the internet when I came across this bridge story from the MN bridge collapse.  Is it just me, or does it make us Minnesotans look like total hicks?  Good grief, “Curious Minnesotans”, aka grandma and grandpa I have nothing better to do than watch them build a bridge all day long.  I had a dream last night that I was driving with my brother Ryan in the passenger seat.  We were on a bridge that didn’t have any ledge or guardrail or anything on the left side.  There was just  the bridge, and then no bridge.  I thought this was very odd and was about to say “Does something seem really off to you?” when the road under us started to crumble and the whole thing fell out from under us.  Our van was falling and tilting head down and I was saying to my brother (as well as to myself)  “Don’t worry, we’ll be just fine.”  The thing was, I believed it.  I figured, we had on our seat belts and we’d land on the tires and everything would be fine.  I’m not sure why I wasn’t worried, especially since the van was actually tilting downward and spinning and I’m pretty certain that we had been falling for about 5 minutes while I was talking so odds are we’d have been minivan dust and dental record material by the time we touched down, but I wasn’t.  I didn’t get a chance to find out because either I woke up or I just don’t remember any more of the dream. 

This morning, my children conspired against me.  They woke up at 6:30, right when my alarm went off and I was supposed to head to the gym.  Jessie was calling for me as was Ash.  This was odd behavior for my kids at 6:30.  When I went in to get Ash, I learned why he was up.  The poop fairy had visited in the night.  I held him at arms length while bringing him to the shower.  I undressed him and washed him off and then got him dressed. Ugh, that smell!  You know when they say “A face only a Mother could love.”?  Well, this was a smell only a Mother could stand, and I’m not certain I’d have been able to stand that for very long.  I collected all his bedding and pjs and everything and shoved it into the wash as carefully as possible and set it to a hot setting.  Gross.  While I was washing things, the husband that was supposed to be watching the kids that morning so I could hit the gym got up and said good morning.  By then, it was pretty late and it was clear I wasn’t making it to the gym.  THAT, is why I should’ve gone in night last night.  Now I can’t go because of my hair straightening and I can’t get it wet, or even put it in a pony tail, for 48 hours.  This scares me folks.  I really really am scared of ever stopping or going the other way.  I don’t want to go back.  I know I can’t workout for awhile now and it bugs me like you wouldn’t believe.  Hopefully it has just been circumstances and not some ingrained ‘giving up’ mindset that took over when my weight stopped going down. 

Speaking of my hair appointment, well, so far so good.  My hair looks AMAZING.  Of course, it has just been straight ironed along with all the other stuff done to it so it kinda has to look like this.  The real test will be after I shower on Tuesday morning.  We’ll see if it still is so slick and straight.  I was there from 11AM to 5:30PM.  As people came in for normal hair stuff they would ask about what we were doing.  They would explain it was the Yuko hair straightening treatment and how it’s like a straight perm.  Then the people would invariably make some comment about how they have the opposite problem or how they WISHED they had curly hair or how nice it must be to have my problem.  Um, whatever.  First of all, my hair wasn’t curly.  It was frizzy and gnarly and big.  There was some curl in there but it was lost under all the kinks and frizz.  Second of all, these people that were saying it had beautiful hair and they were having it styled however they wanted because they could.  I’ve been stuck wearing my hair long and pulled back since I was 12 because there was literally nothing else that I could do.  Sure, it sucks to have thin hair.  It also sucks to have enough hair to cover 5 mad scientists heads as well as an entire shag llama.  (I’m certain they exist.)  I really hate when people are sarcastic about how lucky I am to have my hair and how ungrateful I am to hate it so much.  Anyway, it is now all flat and silky and soft to touch and I’m in love with it!!  I’m a little irked that I can’t pull it back (because that would put a kink in it) for the 2 days since I’m not used to leaving it down at all, but I think with it all silky like this I can manage.  I’m thinking that if I get really desperate I can use a headband to push it out of my face without doing much kinking.

So afterwards, I had to pay obviously.  Here’s something you may not have known about me.  (Or, if you know me in real life, you just might.)  I’m totally intimidated by the tipping concept.  I don’t want to look cheap and I never know what is the right amount.  When I’m put on the spot, I usually panick and make a snap choice to avoid looking like I am putting much thought into it.  Usually that ends up having me tell people to just keep the change and WAY WAY overpay.  (Ya, I know you remember the pizza delivery incident in college when everyone keeps repeating “And it wasn’t even a hot guy, it was a GIRL!”  Hahaha)  The thing is, that happens to me a LOT.  That happened today.  I panicked and told her to keep the whole amount I paid to hold the booking date as her tip and ended up giving her a 24% tip.  This wasn’t really as bad as I normally do but it was a lot.  I don’t know… how much do you normally tip hair people?  The good news is that if I need to have more done after I finally get to wash it I’m pretty sure they’ll be good to me, right?


3 Responses

  1. As soon as you started talking about tipping, I thought of that pizza delivery incident. Too funny!

    I just got a haircut yesterday – wanted to go a little shorter for summer. And I figure that’ll be easier wtih newborn around too. I tip about 20%.

    You should post picutres of the new hair, I’m curious too see how it looks.

  2. Ha! I too thought of the pizza incident. In fact, I still talk about it when some sort of tipping conversation comes up. 😉 LOL I usually tip 20% as well. I usually don’t mind doing this since it takes a year to get off my a** to get a darn haircut.
    I would like to see a pic of your hair too!

  3. You’re lucky. You can’t stop touching for a good reason. I have a disorder. It’s called Trichotillomania. I constantly play with my hair and sometimes run my hand through it so much it comes out. Have fun with your beautiful, non trichy hair!!

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