My kids hair smells odd

YES!  I finally got my first search engine hit!  It is so funny what people write into that search engine thinking you are all annon and searching around for whatever and blam-o, someone picks it up out of their stats.  It’s good for a chuckle though, and if this is you, I’m very sorry.  Actually, my kids hair has never really smelled odd.  I am most likely the most fragrant of the crew today having not showered all day.  I also can’t shower tomorrow until after work so… yuck.  I can wash, just not my hair.  I will get a picture eventually but keep in mind, I’m about 3 generations behind in my photo editing and scrapping at this point so actually getting the picture off my camera and posted online is paramount to actually finishing ALL of the laundry in the house on any given weekend.  Also, what will really be the interesting picture is what my hair looks like after the first wash.  Until then, it is just the straight iron look which is amazing and wonderful, but not terribly ground breaking. 

So, this morning no one made me get out of bed to stay until 9:30.  I was out around 5ish to settle Asher back down and Gavin and his sleep-over friend got up at 5:30 to play video games (what kids DO that?  Aren’t they supposed to stay up all night and then force us to throw them into the pool out back to wake them up around noon?)  It was blissful.  I finally did get myself up and heard Ash kinda talking in his room so I opened the door and he is sitting in his rocking chair reading a book with his blankie on his lap as happy as could be.  These kids crack me up.  Asher is perfectly capable of getting out of his crib and out of his room whenever he wants.  He does it often enough when I’m in the room.  He just doesn’t do it at night.  Anyway, it was so cute to see him reading his little Blues Clues book in the chair.  Then I noticed the scent.  Yes people, two days in a row.  Yay for regularity and all that, but honestly, ew.  Maybe we need better diapers or something.  I check the crib and sure enough, there will be another load of bedding going through the machines this morning.  I cast a leery eye his way on the chair and he giggles up at me as I pick him up and sure enough, the back of his pants and shirt are leaving poop fairy prints all over the chair.  SO, everything gets cleaned up and I remove the chair cushion cover.  Well, it was still cute.

Tomorrow morning will be my last non-workout morning.    I can’t wait to get back into things.  Since I can shower tomorrow night, I might try to get in tomorrow after work to workout and then shower after.  Kris is healed and back to his routine (although the slacker is taking another whole week off from work) so he can handle a pick up or drop off.  I’m gonna try to get him to do both since I’ve spent a week doing both myself.

Happy Googling! 🙂


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  1. You are hilarious. I’ve gotten a couple google hits already at Sweat too. One was for “good-form push ups” and the other was for “Office Butt”. 🙂 I’m also already up to over 700 hits at that site thanks to the 100 push up challenge! It certainly paid to get in at the beginning of that list. We’ll see if it brings any regular readers with it.

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