And I would like to thank all the little people….

I’ve been sitting on some pretty exciting news!  Well, exciting for me – probably not so much for you but you are reading my blog after all.  I have been asked to blog for someone at their site.  It is for the surrogacy stuff.  I’ve just made my debut blog at  If you get a chance to check it out, I’d love it!  This is strictly surrogacy stuff so if you’re getting tired of hearing me talk about my amazing kids and my workout routine (as if), that’s where the just surro stuff will be.  I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have someone tell me they like my blog enough to ask me to write for them.  I am so amazingly flattered.  Hopefully they will be happy.

I was thinking yesterday about what to do today when it occurred to me that I’m probably frighteningly close to not getting 12 days in the gym this month for my insurance to cover their part of the dues.  Too many workouts at home and outside.  That made me decide that even if I couldn’t sweat I’d still just stop into the gym in the morning to get ready there.  I know, totally pathetic, but hey, I wanna get my 12 days in.  Anyway, I wrapped my hair up in a towel and got into the shower to wash without getting my hair wet.  I then unwrapped my hair when I got out of the shower and I’m certain I looked like I was nuts getting out of the shower with towel-wrapped dry hair.  Oh well.  I looked like a BEAUTIFUL nut with my amazing hair! LOL! 

For lunch today, I didn’t have the cash on hand to buy my normal salad here at work.  I instead went to my car, told Magellan that I wanted a grocery store in the area, and selected the one without the chain store name.  I was dubious of what it gave me, but I followed the directions anyway to see what I got.  It was this little grocery store like what you’d find in a really small town.  Nice, small, but not organic or wholefoods-like.  In fact, the only thing organic or wholefoods-like in the store was the unshaven, frighteningly skinny older looking guy that passed me in the veggie aisle.  I don’t really think he was organic but he was hippie-like so it was close.

While I was having my hair done, I was reading through this healthy living type magazine.  Actually, that was my 2nd magazine, but whatever.  There was an article in it about not peeling your foods.  I normally don’t do this because I know the peel has more nutrients.  There was a food in there though that I didn’t know you could eat without peeling.  The kiwi.  I love kiwi.  The thought of eating that fuzzy rind is not appealing.  Generally, having fuzzy things in my mouth is not something that I would blog about unless I perchance wound up with a stray caterpillar flying through the air and landing unwittingly in my open mouth.  This is why I don’t drive with my head out the window of my car… all the flying caterpillars.  At least, not with my mouth open anyway.  Unlike my older sister, I’m not into eating bugs.  I am into eating healthy though and so I figured when I saw the bin of fresh kiwis today at this store, I’d get one and give it a try.  I have to say, it wasn’t that bad.  It was MUCH easier to eat when you can just bite into it like an apple.  Once you accept that you are eating the peel, the fuzziness doesn’t bother you so much.  I think it was more mental than anything else.  At the end of it all, my review on unpeeled kiwis is thumbs up!


3 Responses

  1. Too funny about just getting dressed there.

    Oh, and when are we getting a picture of your new hair?

    And, you should add a link in your blogroll to your new site. 🙂

  2. A former co-worker of mine would eat unpeeled kiwis and I thought she was super weird – I guess she was just progressive! BTW, I love the new blog-look. I’m not crazy about the Yahoo 360 setup, but since I’m not so savvy with the computer, it’s working fine for now… Can’t wait to see some pics of your new hair!

  3. Congrats on the new writing assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!

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