Hey you Sexy Kitten!

I have a search engine hit on straightening curly hair and on very long hair.  I do not know how.  I typed those into Google and went about 5 pages deep and never came across my page.  It must be some blog specific one but even then, kudos to whomever you are because you, my friend, are persistent.

Speaking of that whole Yuko straightening treatment, I have to say so far I’m still quite pleased.  I did get some pictures of myself yesterday before the first shower.  I’ll get those posted as soon as I can… maybe tonight.  I’m trying to decide which one to post.  The best ones are the ones where my daughter ran up and wanted to be in the pictures too.  I’ll probably post those although then it would show off how I didn’t get her hair all brushed out.  Bad parenting proof is never good for the internet.  The only thing is that the other ones without her somehow ended up with this really bad ‘sexy kitten’ look to it and when I say ‘really bad’ I don’t mean ‘dirty’ bad, I mean ‘ugly’ bad.  If it was ‘dirty’ bad I’d still post it and be terribly proud.  Imagine Patrick Swayze in heals and a long hair wig pouting at the camera and you get the idea.  I don’t know why they look like that.  I was honestly NOT trying to smile like that at all.  

Pictures aside, I washed my hair this morning and I’m still pretty happy.  It hasn’t dried all the way yet so I still reserve the right to change my mind but as it stands, it is nice.  It isn’t as nice as it was with the flat iron before I showered.  There is a tad bit more texture to it.  That amazing sleek shine is not there.  It is soft and velvety to touch, which my hair has NEVER been (petting a llama people, that was my hair before.)  It is controlled and flat enough that I do not have it put up and I’m still comfortable and not dying to get it out of my face.  I can even tuck the front part behind my ears and it fits back there and doesn’t just fall back in my face.  Even more on the plus side, I could put in some efforts in the morning to brush and dry it even straighter and I might get that slick sheen back without hours of effort.  Yep, it is doing well.  I just need to make an appointment now to get ~2 inches off the ends cut off and I’ll be set until it grows out.  Hopefully that will be in at least 6+ months.

I finally made it back to the gym today.  Well, back to the gym where I actually worked out.  I went for a run this morning and found out that I became super-wuss while I was away.  I hit it up to 6.1 MPH and by about 1.5 miles in I was whining in my head about how I wanted to slow it down.  I was having none of it though and kept going.  It is great how “I am strong, I can do this.” repeated over and over in your head can help… until you lose the concept of what the words mean and you start to wonder what exactly they are saying on that Fox news channel in the corner.  I was pretty sure I was going to hurl by 2.75 miles but I’m mildly proud to say that I finished off the 3 miles at 6.1 MPH for the whole thing.  When I was done, I had to walk around a little to avoid the nausea so I’m thinking it was probably good that I didn’t spring for the full 5 miles.  Hey, I DID only get 5 hours of sleep last night so I’m using that as my excuse.  I can only say that I plan to improve. 

After the run I did my normal stretching and then headed to the strength training area.  I did 8 more sets of 10 reps each on the arms stations to significantly pound my arms into tapioca.  I’m pretty sure they will hurt sometime in the next 36 hours.  In fact, I actually had a hard time washing my hair out with those same arms afterwards.  The really sad thing was that on the last set I did, I was having a hard time finishing the 10 reps.  I went to move it to the next weight down and I couldn’t.  I was on the easiest setting.  Um, ya… that is not exactly a confidence booster right there.  At least I made myself finish them anyway.  On my way back to the shower the PT there was instructing a woman who looked pretty much like my build to do 3 sets of 6 push-ups with the ball under one hand.   I choked a little on my own spit then but I don’t think anyone noticed.

So, the weight I have to get back out from under?  The offical results are 162.  Humph.  It could be worse, I guess.  Hey, I’m still wearing my size 10 capris today so it can’t be that bad.


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