If you don’t have anything nice to say,

I’m not speaking to the scale today.  It was very mean and I think it needs to really stop and think a bit about the whole “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all” rule.  163 today.  After working out (finally) and eating decently (finally) yesterday, it is not supposed to go up. 

Ignoring the evil scale, I also had a crappy workout today kinda.  I mean, the first part, the cardio part sucked while the weight training part was good.  I got into my gym and they are putting all of my elliptical machines out of the room.  All of them.  I wasn’t going to run today and all that left me was this messed up confused machine that didn’t know if it was a stair climber or an elliptical. 

I should also say that there were REAL stair climbers but ever since totally trashing my knees by using those things in college religiously every morning, I won’t touch them. Well, I didn’t KNOW that they were messing up my knees until I was very much out of college and post pregnancy where I had gained enough last-trimester water weight to have my doctor put me on uber every 24-hour preclampsia watch and to make my Aunt-In-Law inform me that I looked like I had elephantitis.  (Again, if you don’t have anything nice to say….)  I was trying to run and the pain got so bad I couldn’t even walk for weeks and via the totally accurate and “good as a medical degree” method of searching the internet I learned that the kind of knee pain I was experiencing was most commonly achieved by massive amounts of stair master use that unbalanced your leg muscles and large sudden weight gains that put pressure on said unbalanced knees.  I admit, the source is a bit questionable, however the “fortune teller” eeriness of how closely it matched my personal history made me 100% a believer that the stair master (and, um, NOT my ice cream and toast abuse in pregnancy) messed up my knees.  I will now never ever use one again.  Plus, they are hard.

So there I was with my schizophrenic stair master/elliptical thing and I was trying to figure it out.  I did 32+ minutes at levels 10-12 (the + is because I reset it to change the ‘program’ at about 2ish minutes in).  I did OK on it and all but the step width was annoyingly short and I never felt like I was getting a full stride in.  I hope they bring in something nice since they got rid of the older ellipticals that I like so much.  After my shower as I was leaving I noticed that they also got rid of most of the strength training machines so I’m glad they were there for my workout.  One of the other people there said that the gym by my work was finished and open now so I’ll most likely be using that one for the remainder of the week.  Hopefully by then they will have finished whatever they are doing there.  Speaking of the strength training, I used the shoulder/chest stations today.  I’d like to brag that I was NOT using the easiest setting on these.  No, this world class athlete was using the SECOND easiest setting.  See that?  I rock, yes I do.

 In the surrogacy world, there is another surrogacy blog titled The bump Fairy.  She is further along than me.  She is actually pregnant, which seems like the other side of the ocean from me at this time.  She happened upon my eggdonation blog site and left me a nice comment and is linking that one to her site.  Very cool!  Thanks bump fairy! 🙂  If anyone else gets a chance, in the absence of anything interesting happening on the surrogacy front(because we all know how thrilling a daily blog of “still waiting” would be), it’d be nice to have people post comments or whatever on things they’d like me to talk about.  Thus, if there is ANYTHING you have to say about the gestational carrier stuff (even if it ISN’T nice), please feel free to post it over there so I have something to talk about.  Thanks!


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