cha cha cha changes

I hope you are enjoying the pics.  I apologise for the dorkiness, but that is the hair.  That was actually taken before the first washing, however it really isn’t all that different now.  I have two hits today on someone searching for Yuko hair treatment disasters.  Hopefully, you will NEVER hear about that here.  I do have to say, for anyone moved to get a 2nd mortgage on your house for doing this as well, I think you need to have MEGA thick hair with a REALLY frizzy/gnarly texture for it to have such drastic results.  At least, that is how it sounds from the internet comments I’ve read.    In short, it isn’t a huge population that this would be worth it to.

Yesterday and the day before I’ve been thinking my hair looks kinda greasy or something.  It was heavy and when I touched it, instead of being soft it felt like I was rubbing finger paints through my hair. I’ve decided that the moisturiser that I’ve been using is too much for me now.    I didn’t use it today and my hair is much softer now.  It is so weird to get used to this.  I also need to get the ends cut off and it occurs to me that I could even get some kind of style cut into it now and that opens the door to having no idea what I want to do.  Most people have had years, by the time they are in their 30s, to have tried different hair styles and I’m just at square one with this.

My scale apologised to me today and made up for itself with an OK 161 today.  Considering the frozen coffee I got in the morning and the small cup of Cold Stone ice cream in the evening yesterday, it isn’t too bad.  I forgot that I was going to go to the gym by my work this morning so I just had to take my chances at the normal gym.  Everything was all put back together so that was good.  I was a little concerned they’d be handing out hard hats at the entrance for all of us.  They did end up getting rid of ALL the ellipticals that I like.  There are a lot of new machines so I’ll have to try them and see if I like any of them as much.  Hopefully although I’m really not big on being forced to change my routine just so they can stop using the ratty old ellipticals that were old back in 2004 when I started using them.  Yes, especially as an IT person whose tool of choice (the computer) is considered obsolete after just 3 seconds of use, I can see why they needed to do that.  I don’t have to like it though.  Today was a running day anyway so it didn’t matter so much.  I ran at a slower, easy 5.6 MPH pace for about 40 minutes or so.  I wanted to do 5 miles but it was getting later in the morning and I had stretching and strength training to do as well.  I did the back/shoulder machines today.   I have not noticed any changes in my arms from the work I’ve been doing.  I can concede that I probably need to do more than just 3-4 days of workouts to see any changes but what can I say?  I’m an immediate gratification kind of person.  At least with the weight loss you could see regular changes in the scale.  I wish I had some kind of quantitative way to see the progress in my arms like that.

I received my boxes of meds and needles on Tuesday.  That was a LOT of boxes of PIO.  Considering each one has something like 10 doses in it, I have enough PIO to stick myself with a respectable sized needle and lay into the plunger to deposit an oily lump about the size of your average silly putty ball in my rear about 200 times.  And yet, I say to you, THANK GOODNESS I don’t have to use those suppositories!!  Still, if you divide 200 by 7 you get over 28, which means over 28 WEEKS of PIO worth of shots.  Um, I am not planning on giving myself PIO shots over more than half of the pregnancy, thank you very much.  Actually, now that I think about it, there weren’t that many needles, only the PIO boxes.  I’ll have to recheck that for the needle amount.  It is so wonderful to have your meds prescribed to you and shipped out to you all by a doctor/pharmacy duo that you never actually have to see or talk to.  Ever.  It’s like the drive-through doctor only without the car or the menu pictures or the zitty teenage kid that you can’t even understand anyway.


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