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issues, who’s got em?


Sorry, I’m not avoiding you on purpose.  I’m just dealing with… issues.

Health issues:  I’m genetically screwed.  Furthermore, evidently I set my kids up for the same thing.  I don’t know.  I have to meet with a genetic counselor to get the real scoop on things so until then it is just a matter of finding out as much as I can about my family history and popping powerful anti-headache medication.  Thank goodness this surrogacy thing isn’t with MY eggs.

Gym issues:  I’m neurotic.  OK, I know that.  I can’t workout with people gabbing behind me on the machines, I don’t like the janitorial staff to clean the machines next to me, and I can’t wear tee-shirts or anything with sleeves while I work out.  There’s the whole locker room locker / bench use thing.  There’s there guy coughing while ellipting behind me.  All of which can drive me totally nuts.  I tried to deal with the counting and I pushed and they pushed back and I got mad and pushed harder and they were meaner and I was meaner and, well, I’m way too angry at them to use that gym.  Talk about feeling like you’re walking around with a scarlet letter pinned to you somewhere.  The dumb counting part wasn’t even what got this so out of hand.  It’s that they keep being so crappy about it.  SO – I can’t go to the gym anymore.  Not by their choice – by mine.  Really I guess, I don’t WANT to go to that gym anymore.  Although, I am toying with one idea.

See, I want them to poll the members of the gym to get an accurate concept of how everyone feels about the counting.  I just want to know what that is.  You would think, being as THEY are providing the service, that THEY would want to know how everyone feels about it, but they do not.  In fact, they SO do not want to know that they told me that if *I* wrote up a poll and went around asking people how they felt to fill out the poll, I would have my account suspended.  I couldn’t even do it in the parking lot.  They said they have a website with a survey page for people to send in their comments.  (NOTE, I’ve done this three time prior to the ‘big issue’ and they never got it.  Hmmm… wonder if it is even hooked up to anything.)  I asked if I could make cards with the address for the survey written on them and hand them out at the club.  They said no and that if I did that, yes, suspended account.  People, they WANT members to fill out THIS SURVEY, but if I hand out cards with nothing more than the address TO THIS SURVEY to the members of the gym and thereby notify them that they can use that, they will suspend one of their customer’s accounts – because she went out of her way to notify people that they could fill out a feedback survey on-line.  Are you seeing those black and white spots in front of your eyes like me?

The manager (Scott Zappa, at the Coon Rapids gym BTW) told me that I COULD ask people what they think and I could tell them to use the website, I just couldn’t bring anything written into the club.  SO – my big idea is to go around asking people, on a scale of 1-5 what do they think about the counting.  3 is neutral, 1 is love it, 5 is Please oh please oh please make it go away.  In my big idea imagery, they tell me and I, because I have nothing to write with or any paper at all, say thanks and go to the next person.  The original person asks why I’m not writing it down.  I say “Because they manager here told me that if I recorded these stats or handed out anything to notify people of the website where you can fill out a feedback survey he would suspend my membership.  He told me he didn’t want me to tally or record how the club members feel about the counting.”  Other random club member says “You’d think they would care if they are making us all angry or not.”  I give ‘a look’ and move on.  Riot ensues.  See, I have no written material at all.

Anyway, they told me I could either piss off and use another club or wear headphones.  They aren’t planning on changing their counting at all.  The manager’s boss told me that they would be turning to face the wall rather than scream into the cardio area to try to keep it down, but the manager told me they wouldn’t be doing that and his boss never told him that.  Not that I think it would help, but it would’ve been funny to see them all with butts out doing jumping jacks and yelling at the wall thanks to me.  Anyway, where are those powerful anti-headache meds?

Birthday party issues:  Gavin will be having a party at Grand Rios waterpark with a small handful of boys.  I will be going with Kris and the two little kids.  That leaves the adults outnumbered by just enough to have catastrophic events at the waterpark.  I DID have two other athletic and nimble adults lined up to attend with us (with fully paid admission to the waterpark, thankyouverymuch), however those two ditched me at the last second and I’m very put out with them.   SO – if you are interested in attending our waterpark party with us to help corral some crazy boys, feel free to let me know.  Question, there is a 13 year old girl that was handing out flier looking for babysitting jobs in the neighborhood.  Do you think if I call her and ask her if she’d like to come it would help?  She’s not much older than the boys so she clearly couldn’t run around with them.  She could help with the little ones but I see them being shy with her and hanging on me anyway so I really need someone that can run around with the boys and, you know, keep them in the building.  I also need someone to bring me something for the headache.


4 Responses

  1. Robyn – I’m sorry to hear about the health issues and gym issues. I can’t believe how the management is treating you there. Good luck with the birthday party. When I was babysitting age, I did things like that (I went along to Valleyfair to help the parents out with the kids), but it was for a family I already babysat for regularly, so the kids knew me pretty well. To the point that they’d say “Jeanette is coming home”, when I was arriving.

  2. Missed your blog on SYD. I sent in the survey for the club. Who cares if I’m not a member!?! It gives you the option. I just stated they needed to address your concerns more appropriately.

    Good luck!

  3. Bless your heart Suzzanne!! Thank you! Ya, I need to transfer my blog posts over again.

  4. robynanne.wordpress.com’s done it once more. Amazing read!

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