My life in numbers.. 1.. 163.. 30.. 33

1 week left!!  Only 1 more week of birth control pills and then it is on to Lupron shots!!  YAY!  Could it be?  Are we moving forward?  I sooooo hope so.  This waiting thing has seriously over stayed its visit.  Lupron shots, BTW, are fun.  I don’t care what anyone else says.  It is a tiny needle that doesn’t hurt at all and yet you get the prestige of self administering a shot and being all advanced and such.  It’s like… pez dispenser medicine.  Well, maybe if the pez was mind altering candy which I suspect that at one point in time, it was.  I highly suspect that Lupron should come with warnings to not do things like carry adult conversations or put on socks while taking it.  But hey, what Lupron DOESN’T do is bind up your entire lower intestine so hey, I’m SOOO ready for the next stage.

After my 2nd day in a row of 163 weigh-ins, I was VERY strict yesterday.  My evening snack was an apple.  I had a package of broccoli… not just some heads cut into my salad but a WHOLE package of broccoli with my lunch.  The rest of my lunch was some sprouted whole grain organic hemp bread with organic spring leaf salad mix and hummus spread, a nectarine, and an apple.  Oh, and some pineapple.  I worked out for 35 minutes on the elliptical and I did my 15 minute weight training.  Today I ran for 35 minutes and also did my 15 minute weight training to the extent that I could no longer lift my hand towel with my key pinned to it when I was done AND THEN I sprinted around the track as fast as I could bodily go.  I’m telling you, it was like when the cartoon characters exit a room so fast they leave a body cutout in the wall.   They probably didn’t appreciate the giant hole in the side of the track wall, but what can I say, it was fun to run like that.  I was 163.0, point ZERO people, at my weigh-in yesterday so I was very psyched for a nicer 162 today.  That is what made the 163.8 oh so horribly depressing.  What?  What is it?  160 sucks.  Then I shuffled back to my locker to ask someone to please shampoo my hair because I couldn’t even lift my arms up high enough to unlock my stupid upper level locker.  Even after the shower my arms were STILL shaking so bad I couldn’t hardly get my eye liner on.  That’s what I get for setting it to the 3rd weight in the stack instead of the 1st. 

I do have to say I had fun running today.  I had to talk myself into it because I haven’t run for awhile and for whatever reason, it was not sounding appealing.  It sounds in my head so much harder to run than to ellip.  I just said that it had been too long and I needed to do it.  I left it easy – 5.5MPH for the first 2 miles and then 6.0 MPH for the last.  I even pushed it to 6.5 for the last 0.25 or so of that last mile.  Anyway, it was a lot easier than what I had been able to do.  I think sleep deprivation is making the running harder but I’m not sure.  Anyway, it was very enjoyable today so I’ve gotten over my mental block of not wanting to run now.  I did read in that blasted magazine that I so thoroughly covered in my hair straightening seclusion that if you want to lose the weight you gained while taking a break from running, you needed to get up to at least 30 miles per week.  Seriously, that’s what it said.  Anything under that and you either gained more muscle than you lost fat or you made up for the calories you spent by eating.  That whole thing sounds dumb to me.  For one thing, 30 miles per week is a crazy lot.  Like, 6 miles a day Monday-Friday.  I was never doing that in the first place.  For another thing, to a certain extent, I think we’re in control of eating to make up for the calories.  That whole gaining more muscle thing, well, there’s a limit to how much muscle you can gain when you have the fat to lose and how that affects the overall number, I think.  I’d love to check it with my BF% scale, but, ya know, ERR 06.

So, I’m running around work this morning like a mad woman because apparently this place would fall apart without me.  (It is good to be loved.) One of my co-workers says hi in the hall and while referring to my hair she says “That just makes you look so much younger!”  I thank her and she continues “Really, that is amazing!  You look like you’re in your lower 30s!”  I reply, “I AM in my lower 30s!!  I’m 33!”  Um, ya.  I’m still reeling from that one.  Not that I’m upset with the coworker.  She is a sweetheart and would never be mean on purpose ever.  She was really trying to pay me a compliment.  She clearly felt pretty bad and I was embarrassed for her.  Still – how freaking old did she think I was???  Yikes.


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  1. Hmmm, last week of pills and weight holding steady despite increased vigilance with food and exercise? See a connection? 🙂 That always happens to me anyway.

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