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Where’s the fun in that?

First:  I was 162 today – gag cough splutter – but still, it wasn’t 163.

Second: check this out I don’t feel so badly for spending too much to get my hair straight.  Everyone has their Achilles heel, I guess.  Mine got chemically straightened so it is nice and soft and manageable. I didn’t even have to go through 8 weeks of excruciating pain or anything.

OK, those things out of the way…

I ran again today.  I’ve been thinking – I know I work out to be healthy and not so much because I actually enjoy it.  Still, if I DO enjoy it, I’m more likely to keep it up or do it more often and thus, be healthier.  Maybe pushing myself to do better and faster and more isn’t really a good thing.  I know I have to keep pushing – I get that.  If not, I’d still be doing 20 minutes of elliptical at level 9/20 and my health would actually suffer.  But do I have to strive for really long miles at speeds that are extremely uncomfortable for me just to be faster and better and whatever?  What if it is making me not like running?  If I now consider the elliptical a wussy workout (and I do) but I feel like I need the inertia of a hurricane to do the workouts that I don’t consider wussy, where does that leave me?  It leaves me sitting on my ass feeling like a lazy loser who won’t go workout because it is too damn hard.

It is fun to run with my friends.  I don’t really want to stop that.  It is also fun to SAY that I ran a really long distance.  I don’t mind that either.  I think I just need to step back and look at what I like about running and what I don’t like and rethink my workouts.  Just because running long distances sometimes is fun doesn’t mean I need to drop my 3 mile workouts totally.  I don’t ALWAYS have to run 5 miles or more.  I also don’t have to keep trying to be faster.  I think I have to watch to make sure that my desire to look better and faster and stronger doesn’t overpower my desire to have fun.  I need to keep that carrot tied in front of me to keep me enjoying what I’m doing.

With that in mind, I did a 3 mile run today.  I intended to start at 5.5 and leave it there, but it really honestly felt like I could go faster, so I put it to 5.7.  That was comfortable.  I stayed there until I was at about 1.80 miles and that whole ‘gotta win’ thing came into play again.  I upped the speed to 6.1 MPH to see where I could be by 20 minutes.  Then I left it there until 2.75 miles where I upped it again to 6.5 MPH.  See, it is hard to stop pushing.  I did enjoy my run more though.  It is just something I think I need to keep in mind.  I don’t always have to kill myself.  Sometimes it is good to just let me have fun with the workout.

After all that I went to the strength training that I’ve really been enjoying.  I did the ‘back’ stuff today which really, for the most part, the back, shoulder, chest, and arms machines all target arm stuff so I rotate around those 4.  While there is still no real noticeable change in my arms from looking at them, I did note that I can do much heavier weights now.  Granted, perhaps my back is just stronger but I was sitting at about the 40-50 pound range at most of the stations.  I went to one of the arm station ones just to see where the weight range was that I could do and while the 50 pounds was WAY too heavy, the 30 was VERY doable and I was before struggling with the 15.  It does feel good to be getting stronger.

Speaking of getting stronger, at the Grand Rios party this weekend for Gavin, I had a chance to go down some of the adult slides with Gavin.  (Our daycare provider / family friend Cindy came along with her kids and they were all a HUGE help!)  Going down the very huge slides means going UP the very huge stairs.  Sometimes while carrying a tube.  I went down 3 slides, 1 with a tube and 2 without.  All three times I ran up all the stairs to the top.  I felt so strong and awesome to be able to do that.  In case you were wondering, the tube slide was fun but rather tame.  The hurricane ride was scary and has a learning curve such that if I had gone on it more than once it would’ve been fun.  The other one I went down was fast and exciting and fun but not so fast that it was downright scary.  Of course, the cost of the food and the 3 tokens for 1$ in the arcade was a bit more scary.  Also, ALL of the arcade games were kiddie versions of gambling.  Put in your token, win a lot of tickets.  Put in your token, with more tokens back.  What happened to the pacman and asteroids and, well, SKILL or GAME based arcades?  You don’t get tickets or win tokens, you just get to play a fun game for your money.  It was very disturbing for me to see the kids beg for tokens to gamble with.  We managed through the whole day and didn’t lose any kids at all so I call it a success.  We even stopped at Subway on the way home for dinner and the kids ate there in a booth even after the crazy day with no naps.

See, we had a very fun weekend.  What more can you ask for?


4 Responses

  1. You need to run more outside… Simply because it seems like you play a lot of mind games when you run (I do too), but running while staying in place seems to make those games even worse I think. Plus, do you use a heart rate monitor? Maybe that would help so you KNOW you can get a good workout without killing yourself.

  2. Well, the pros to being outside are that it is a bit more fun and it is more at whatever pace I want because there is no display telling me just how fast I’m going. Also, once I’m out on the run, I can’t just stop wherever I want – I have to get home too.

    The cons are that it is hot and I’m really sensitive to that. The other cons are that I don’t get my credit for being at the gym and I do need those 12 times per month and if I don’t have that display in front of me I tend to run a lot slower. I really wish I had someone to run outside with me so if I did pass out, I wouldn’t be laying in the road alone but also because it is more fun to have someone there. That Nike thing would be cool to have too but… we’ll see.

  3. Heh. I’m not quite at the level yet where I can run solidly for longer than 4 minute stretches (but next week, I push to five! Woo hoo!), but I, too, have to remind myself that sometimes it’s okay to push a tiny bit less hard to keep the workout fun. I mean, if it’s not fun, then you don’t want to do it, and then you just eventually stop and then you aren’t getting any exercise at all, and that’s WAY worse than just running a little slower or for slightly shorter intervals, right?

    I ramble, but I do so just to agree with you. Oh, and to say that I’m with you on running indoors. Of course, my reasons are mostly that my lungs suck ass, and thus I have to be gentle with them as it concerns humidity and allergens, etc., and so indoors is much easier for those reasons. But I also dig being able to know exactly how fast I run and for how long. I’m just a control freak like that, I suppose. Not that I mind that trait or anything!

  4. I’m with Pam, running outside is sooo much better than the treadmill. Morning is best, to beat the heat. I’ve seen a lot of people check in at Lifetime, and then go outside to do their runs.

    And you *need* the Nike+ and ipod nano… Or they do have running watches that can track your pace and distance too (I’m not sure how much those cost).

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