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Meet you at the track

I will admit, I considered running outside today.  Then the bugs were in my hair as I was doing my morning garden watering like, well, bugs on a human in the warm morning grass.  I decided I don’t like nature all that much, which is odd considering my religion choice and all that.  I don’t know guys – maybe if there were a track where I knew how far it was and it was nice a scenic and all that.  Or if I had that nike+ thing which I can’t see happening until at least my birthday and even then, my lap top is dying, I need new running shoes, I’m in desperateneed of more top loading page protectors for my scrap booking (you jest, but these things are expensive!), and I could use a new camera lens for my Rebel.  Oh, and I dress like a bag lady due to my summer clothing not fitting me so I either wear very loose summer clothes or obviously winter items like my velveteen pants or a combination of the above.  What AM I spending money on?  My hair, apparently, and my kids.  Priorities are important though, right?

So I pulled into the parking lot at the gym and ran in.  I’ve managed to loose my card somewhere.  I think it is probably in the pocket of something that I wore last Saturday when I went in with my kids and they twisted my arm into I bribed them to be good by stopping at the cafe for treats.  Since I had my card out at the cafe to pay for the veggi sticks and mango slices chocolate chocolate chip muffin that the kids picked out, I probably blindly put it back into a pocket.  I could dig into the laundry basket to look for it but yes folks, I am THAT lazy that I’d rather just make the front desk guy look me up based on my name and see if the card is there when I do laundry this weekend.  

Here is what went down at the front desk:

Me: (after waiting for 2 minutes for the guy to look up to see why there is now a large shadow looming dangerously over the checklist of whatever he had in front of him) Um, hi.

Slow guy: Hi.  (Puts his hand out for my card)

Me: I don’t have my card.

Slow guy: Oh, OK.  (pause) I can look it up here. (pause) What is your phone number?

Me: 555-5555*

Slow guy: Do you have an area code?

Me: No I don’t.   Yes, but I figured I didn’t need to say it since we’re all so far north right now that I’d have an overnight bag if it was different from yours.  Yes, it is 555.

Slow guy: Whoa, not so fast.  (pause) OK, what is it now?

Me: 555-555-5555 (slower)

Slow guy: No, just the area code.

Me: 5, 5, 5

Slow guy: OK, 555, then?

Me: 555, 5, 5, 5, 5

Slow guy: Ooooooo… k.  What is your first name? (Because frankly, you look a little like your husband whom is also on file at that number so I just needed to check.)

Me: Robyn

Slow guy: OK, you’re all set.

Me: (against my better judgement) Do you happen to know how far it is once around the running track?

Slow guy: There are little signs on the ceiling that should say.

Me: Um, those signs used to say how fast you had to be going in each lane, but that was before the renovations.  They haven’t been put back since then.

Slow guy: They aren’t there now?

Me: (Do I look like I work here?) No.

Slow guy: You should probably ask a personal trainer then.

Me: I’d rather eat my tank top. Thanks.

So I did have to go play nice with one of the PTs and ask how far around the track was.  Turns out it is about 9.5 times around for a mile.  I ran the recycled rubber tires off that track at about 1:05 minutes per lap.  Granted, that may have had something to do with my desire to pass the other people on the track so I would sprint past them.  I’m sadly a little too competitive for my own good.  There was this guy that looked like he could probably be a pretty fast runner that was walking around the track.  Walking, yes.  And yet every time I went past him I picked up speed to look fast and cheered (silently, in my head) that I passed the young guy.  Then he got off the track and was doing stretches by it and I got a little scared that he was going to start actually running so I stopped sprinting past him. 

I do like the track running though.  It lets me set my own pace and I think I go faster on my own when I’m not trying to just set my legs to 5.5 or 6.0 or whatever MPHs. 

Today was “shoulders” day on the weights.  I wasn’t doing so uber with the weights this time so I think my shoulders are my weakest.  Plus, part of my shoulders, the muscles on the top of my shoulders that also go over and up to my neck I think, are the ones that I tend to pull and have to walk around without turning my neck for awhile.  I honestly think it is because of how heavy my hair is but either way, I was nervous about pushing that one too far.  You know, for someone who used to walk over to the weight machines without actually looking right at them and then nonchalantly sit down when I didn’t think anyone was looking, I’m awfully cocky now about using them.  Setting all the parts where I want them – oh – WHO turned that 5 weight off again?  It is funny how you change once you get used to something. 

Downstairs I was at 162 again but my bloated “I took my last flipping birth control pill today” body was happy enough with that. 

So, I talked with my IVF doctor today.  For the first time.  Ever.  I have been asking WHY they are telling me I’m taking BCPs to synch up my cycle when it is NOT actually doing any synching at all for awhile now.  Finally he called and he said that he did it because “You don’t know how many women I’ve had tell them they are very regular only to not get their period at the start of the cycle.  This way is easier.  You should know, it happened to you guys with the donor.”  Um, ya, but SHE was on BCPs and it didn’t help.  Plus, I don’t care how many women you’ve had that happen with, *I* am your patient, NOT your ‘uterus to carry the baby’ and I deserve to be treated as a real medical patient.  I have a stronger than normal breast cancer risk and I shouldn’t be taking BCPs for no better reason than you just don’t trust me to be honest about my cycles.  Then he says there is absolutely NO documented link between breast cancer and BCPs.  To which I said “Interesting.”  Just so you are aware, this is the same thing, in the same tone, that I say to my 4 year old when she tells me she is going to be Cinderella when she grows up.  With a magical wand.  And a pink castle.  Interesting.

We had a bit more of a chat and I told him that I’ve read from other carriers that he has a habit of treating them like non-patients (Um, I heard that from ONE, but still, it fit well in the conversation at the time.) and he got all offended and said that I was telling him he was doing a bad job and he’s never even met me.  To which I said “That’s the point.  I’ve got 5 months worth of prescription drugs here with YOUR name as the prescribing doctor on them for YOUR patient, me, and we’ve never spoken, not once.”  I also mentioned that perhaps it would’ve been NICE to have been prepped on some of the side effects and risks of things like Lupron and Estrace, not to mention how to give the shots in the first place.  To his credit he was gracious enough to say “point taken” and offer that they are working on the surrogacy program to have more doctor/PATIENT interaction with the carrier.  That, people, would be nice.

The wait begins for CD 1 and more Lupron fun.  If you think I’m loopy now people, just, you, wait.

* No, I decided I probably should NOT post my actual phone number here on the internet.  Something tickled my brain about that not being so very safe.  I probably could’ve though since our real phone hasn’t worked since the day Bush (either one) was a respected president by.. well.. anyone.  We’ll probably be canceling it and just using our cells.


8 Responses

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Robyn – those are all excuses to not run outside and you know it. 🙂 You can use gmaps-pedometer to trace any outside course and know the distance and you can use any plain old watch to record how long it took you to run said course. You will then know your mph and other such stats that you crave. Silly girl. 🙂 I know this to be true because it is what I’m currently doing (with a cheap from Target “sports watch” that has a stopwatch feature on it) until we’ve saved up enough money to purchase a nifty little Garmin (305, 405, 205, 50? not sure yet). Silly, silly excuse girl! 🙂

  3. Props to you for even thinking about running. I haven’t done it in years. And at one time running was very important to me.

    My RE recommended I take BCPs to keep me regular until my surgery. I put my foot down and refused. What does it matter if I’m “regular” on break months. Why take pills for nothing.

    Anyway that doctor of yours sounds like an Ass. I hope that he treats you better from now on.

  4. I have to say your writing makes me laugh (in a good way!)

    I love running, usually do it on the treadmill. And I just found out when we start our IVF cycle later this month I won’t be able to work out! Sucks!!!! What am I gonna do for stress relief?

    Oh and I’m glad that you confronted the dr…hopefully it gets better!

  5. Love it!!!! Didn’t you know, you’re meant to be a good little girl and shove anything down your throat that the faceless doc decides. Tut! schoolgirl error!!

    Looking forward to some lupron-induced blogs..buahahahaha!


  6. Good thing you have such knowledgeable friends to help you out when the doctors don’t tell you anything 🙂

    And I second Kristina on the gmaps-pedometer to map out your routes. I did that before my runs, so I’d know my route, and I also kept track with the Nike+. Ahhh, someday I’ll be able to run again….

  7. I map out runs with http://www.mapmyrun.com so that I can change up the routes a bit. It’s nice because you can also see other runs that people have mapped out in your area.

  8. Good job on the running, Robyn! I can’t wait to get started again, and if you do end up getting a Nike+, let me know!!

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