Party on the Weekend

How many people here view the weekends as just one big long party?  Ya, me neither.  It is, however, a big long reason to not eat as well as I’d like.  Especially when my son has his birthday during it.  I’m not sure how this happened, but we had cake and ice cream in honor of his birthday every single day.  By ‘we’, I really mean ‘I’ because my nutball kids don’t actually eat ice cream or cake very well.  Sure, I could’ve said “No thanks, no cake for me today.” but seriously… not gonna happen.

The ‘extra fun’ part of this was that this was a drill weekend.  That meant that there would be no gym going during naps or heading out to workout after the kids have gone to bed.  These happen from time to time and I’m not real worried about it but it was a bit more obnoxious having come off the Friday where I had to be at work very early and thus didn’t get my workout then either.  Oh, and did I mention the start of “cycle day 1” over the weekend?  Ya, party?  No.  Indulgence?  Ya, pretty much.

Let’s just get the whole gym/workout/weigh-in out of the way now.  Haha!  I ROCKED today!  🙂  161.  I know.  I don’t get it either.  No more birth control pills?  Hard to say that because the Lupron (which I also started this weekend) is also said to make you gain weight.  I’m going to go with saying it is sympathy weight loss for my friends that participated in the Olympic distance tri last weekend!  YAY to you guys!!!  See, you even made me lose weight. 🙂  Plus, I ran on the track today and I was a total super star!  Well, that, or someone was messing with the clock above the track on me.  I was hitting LESS than a minute each time around the track.  Most of the time.  There were a few times that would be something like 1:30 or more and I swear I was running the same speed each time.  Just, all of the sudden the seconds would make a HUGE jump while I ran.  Very odd.  Anyway, even with the mental clock I did really well and I was so happy.  The strength training part was the ‘back’ machines today.  I was able to do the 50-70 pound marks!  Well, OK, I am now walking around with a headache and my back isn’t exactly happy with me so… maybe my super starness got a little out of hand.  Hey, there is always Tylenol, right?

Let’s just leave it at saying how awesome I did and how I came back on a Monday and weigh LESS than I did on the Thursday before.

OK, on to other things.  So on Sunday morning, very early, I hit CD1 of the cycle in which, all things working out perfectly, I will be pregnant.  It’s just 40 more weeks now people. 🙂  Also very early on Sunday morning, my friend J ended her pregnancy with a beautiful big baby boy!  Congrats to you J!!!  Just another 10 days of Lupron shots, a transfer that works, a LOT of PIO shots, and, well, a few more weeks of glowing bliss and I will get to be there too!  Um, minus the actually taking care of the baby (babies) at the end because DANG people, MY baby is almost out of diapers now!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :o) You sound amazing and what an adorable pic of you and your little one. I’m a fitness enthusiast after obesity also (Martial Arts, hiking, you name it, gotta mix it up. ) Your workout routine rocks the house. Best Wishes and looking forward to learning more about you and your journey. P.S. My grandmother was a pagan, I consider myself one of the tribe, even though don’t practice.

  2. Hey, I think your CD1 on Evan’s birth day is a good sign! I had my retrieval on John’s birthday, and our transfer was the day Laura’s son Jake was born!

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