The sweat monster

Somehow, overnight, I have become something to frighten little children.  Something that sits up at night alternately throwing the covers across the room in overheated frustration and wraps them around myself in shivering hypothermia.  This is no glistening forehead after a full on workout people.  No.  This is get up at night and change bedclothes (pulling a nice new crisp silk lacy baby doll nighty out of the rose petal and lilac lined ceder chest of drawers that is in my bedroom) because what I was wearing is now dripping like it had just gone down Niagra Falls in a barrel.  A leaky barrel.  I am, the sweat monster.  Now, this would be bad enough, but because I am married to the snore monster (WAY WAY WAY worse, people, plus the fact that this is also the man that could break a sweat in 20 below temps just because he was brushing his teeth too vigorously), once I wake up at night burning hot, there is very little chance that I will get back to sleep amidst the alternating chills and flame throwers of my hormones and the train wreck sound track that is my husband.

All that trouble from such a little tiny needle.  I don’t remember this from last time around but perhaps it is because last time around was March and the weather was a tad cooler.  Also, last time around I think I started the Estrace pills at the same time as the Lupron so that may have countered it.  I don’t know.  I get to start the Estrace pills tomorrow so we’ll see.

Yesterday I left work a few minutes early to see if I could get some relief from the headache that was mildly threatening to intensify all day.  I’m not sure that I can attribute the headache to the drugs.  I also did a pretty intense back workout yesterday that I was aching from and I have somehow managed to drink about a cup of coffee each day from Thursday to Sunday so I was slightly wondering if it was a caffeine issue since I don’t normally drink coffee.  (Getting up at 5AM to drive to Alexandria after getting up at 5AM the day before to run into work without even time to shower for some upgrades would explain this.)  Anyway, I’m not feeling it today and I’m back to my tea today plus I even chugged a small cup of nasty free work coffee just to see if it would help the headache yesterday and it did not.  Back to my original point – I left a little early to de-stress and see if I could get it to leave.  I stopped at the local co-op for some fun grocery shopping there.  Normally we have our groceries delivered from Simon Delivers but I enjoy the co-op and go there when I can.  One of the thing I found was a bag of fancy hot dog buns.  There were not whole wheat or spelt or Tibetan monkey farmed orange wheat berries or anything, but they didn’t have any high fructose corn syrup in them and I needed some hot dog buns so it worked.  You see, Simon had brought us a package of hot dogs last week when we did not order them.  We HAD ordered a healthy batch of Arame and Hijiki of course, because we are uber healthy people and would never order hot dogs.  (Actually, we did order hot dogs, but the turkey kind although I’m certain there is plenty of processing in that too.)  So I needed buns to place the outlaw hot dogs in because I wasn’t going to just throw them away.

I also got some more kiwi and mangos because apparently my daughter and older son love eating unpeeled kiwi and they keep eating my stash.  I got this great ‘produce bag’ that is really just a neat little reusable mesh bag instead of the plastic ones.  I’m a total sucker for these things.  I have purchased so many of those reusable ‘grocery bags’ to avoid the plastic ones.  I really do love these and feel like the greatest person in the world when I walk into a store with my stash of reusable bags.  The trouble is, I keep forgetting to bring them in with me.  Hopefully the produce bag will not suffer the same fate.

As you may have guessed, last night we had hot dogs and cut up (unpeeled) kiwi and mangos.  (The mangos were peeled.)  I also heated the last of the left over brussel sprouts which my two youngest ate with glee which both confuses me and makes me very happy.  (Um, they are gross, I’m pretty sure, but whatever.)  I paid for the hot dogs and bread consumption today on the scale.  162.  Oh well.  If I can blame it on the bread, avoiding bread may make it go away.

Today while I ellipted away, I noticed a news flash on the TVs displayed there.  Apparently, exercise helps prevent Parkinson’s disease.  I didn’t hear the actual story so I don’t know where they went with that, but it did feel good to BE exercising and to hear that.  When you have a genetic predisposition hanging over your head with a disease like that, knowing you are already doing something that could potentially help keep you healthy is a good thing.  I have yet to do the genetic counseling thing and I know I should.  I’m pretty certain that it is just because I’m busy (ha!) but the thought does occur to me that perhaps I’m avoiding it out of fear.

One last thing I wanted to mention – my muscles are amazing.  Even with my sweat glands deciding to turn into sprinklers and my core temperature proving to me that nothing is too extreme, I’ve been able to increase my weight training amounts much faster than I’d ever have guessed.  I was doing triceps curls at 70 pounds!!  (Don’t make fun of me if that is bad… it is a lot better than what I started at.)  This girly-girl is getting strong!  YAY!


3 Responses

  1. Looks like no more Simon Delivers.

    We used to use them, but then they started charging shipping – we were too cheap about it to continue. 😦

    Good job on the weight training!

  2. OOOh… tricep curls at 70pounds!!!! I am thinking of getting my weights out now!!!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I think you are so admirable for considering surrogacy. May God bless you.

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