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Guess what I’m not wearing!

Picture this, if you will:

You get up in the morning bright and early because you are superwoman.  You do your morning chores such as taking the laundry that was sorted earlier into the ‘parents’ clothing’ pile and put them away in the closet so that you have some clothes to pick from when getting ready.  You then put together your work outfit and your workout outfit.  You head downstairs and put together your fresh fruits and veggies that you pack for work and you get out all the drugs and such that you need.  Prenatal, check, Estrace, check and check, Lupron shot, check.  (Um, you happen to do it in a very bad way somehow so that it hurts like you just shot a mixture of Tabasco and lemon juice into the soft skin of your belly this time… I think I didn’t have my skin held tight enough so the needle pulled funny as it went in.) You head outside and water the garden veggies and the sunflowers.  Then you get everything packed into your car and head out.

You are running very late due to reasons totally not your own fault such as not putting away the laundry last night or ironing the skirt that you want to wear today before hanging it up, etc, so once at the gym you decide to cut your cardio to 10 minutes and do your full strength training set.  Because you are superwoman, remember, you run those 10 minutes like you are Norm Coleman chasing a Minnesota blue collar photo-op and get 2 miles (um, I know it was over 1 mile, so I’m rounding up because I don’t remember the exact amount) in those 10 minutes.  You sweat a lot in those 10 minutes because you are the hormonal equivalent of an 80 year old according to your ovaries.  You do the ‘chest’ run of weight training machines and do 10 reps of benching 50 pounds while wondering about the co-worker that said he could bench 200+ pounds when he looks scrawny.  You then shower and go to get dressed and realize that, um, not quite all of the clothing you got ready for heading to work are there with you in your locker.  (You also weigh in at 163 because who the hells knows and what the fucking fuck mister scale could you seriously get any more confusing and annoying and craptastic?)

You here with me folks?  So what clothing item would you LEAST like to have found out you left behind?

Update: I did not bring my bra.  No, I’m not walking around without a bra.  I had to put on my sports bra.  My neon orange sweaty sports bra.  Under my white tank which is under my brown short sleeved shirt and fairly covered up.  Ick.  The other question… where, in my house, did I LEAVE said bra?


8 Responses

  1. I’m torn – I’m not sure if I would rather go to work topless or bottomless…

  2. Well, I know what I would have left behind. . . .

    Feeling a bit breezy are you?


    Sorry, I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing WITH you. That is TOTALLY something that I would do.

    And the scale is clearly a total fucking asshole, plain and simple.

  4. If you’re not wearing underwear but you are wearing a skirt? Well, um, okay. Just don’t go near any air vents, mkay? 🙂

  5. If I had pants, I would go the bottomless route before the top. Umm a skirt, well I guess topless would be looking better than. YIKES! And to think I was upset that I forgot to wash my workout outfit and had to wear my workout bra and shorts that I wore the day before. You take the cake! I um probably should get shopping so I don’t have only one bra and shorts that I feel comfortable showing off. Hmmm.

  6. The obvious answer?? Panty hose of socks. It would suck to not have undies and be wearing a skirt though. I would just die if I forgot my bra cause dude….I gotta have that.

  7. Being a DD, I would personally rather go bottomless, but then again I already do that on a semi-regular basis. TMI?

  8. Hmmm….. i hate wearing bras..i go bra-less at home but when i go out, i’ve got to wear them..

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