What happened after I got up at 4AM…

No no, I’m not busy ripping the scale from the wall and stomping all over the motherboard or whatever evil processor bits are inside there.  Actually, it gave me a 163 which is still sucky, but at least it is not the crazy 165 of yesterday.

I have noticed that I get weaker as the week goes on.  On Monday I’m really impressed with what I can do on the weight machines.  By Friday, I’m switching the weights down from where Grandma Ethel had them before I got there.  I had thought that I was just stronger in some areas, which is probably true as well, but mostly it seems to matter which day of the week I do that set on.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually think Monday makes my arms grow like a weird tide or anything.  I’m figuring that it is just because after a week of working my arms every morning, they are pretty beat.  Sure, the machines SAY “chest”, “back”, or “shoulders”, and so on.  Really though, they aren’t all that different of muscle sets.  If you are pushing something with your arms, even if you push in different directions, all of your arm muscles are ultimately going to get a bit of action.  That’s my theory, anyway, and I’m sticking to it.  The real issue here is that I have to remember to not schedule any jell-o wrestling matches on Fridays.  Really, this is a plus because honestly, the Friday crowds for those things are just so weird.

Oh oh oh!!!  There were women doing lunges on the track today!!  You know, the track, where you run around in a circle?  The track where you sometimes walk in the far left lane, but mostly run?  Ya, that one.  These two women were standing in the middle of the track, one in the left lane, one in the middle, doing a lunge filled wedding march.  It was so weird.  Plus, the one women in the middle stopped completely at one point to bend over at the waist and stretch out.  I was coming up from behind and just thinking how not fair it was that they didn’t know I was on Lupron.  I mean really, I could’ve painted a target on her ass it was so bad.  She bent over in the far right side of the middle lane such that I could barely get around her, to stretch.  I am truthfully ashamed to say that I did nothing.  In my mind, it was the funniest scene EVER though!

I also figured out why it seemed the clock was playing with my head the other time.  It was, as it turns out.  I was just finishing up a lap when I saw the clock go 87, 88, 89, 80, 81 for the seconds.  Now, yes, most normal people would question why it was in the 80s at all since most clocks have 60 seconds in a minute.  Truth be told, I never really wondered.  I just assumed it was a fancy timing thing that had 1/100th of a minute instead of real seconds.  Apparently I’m not normal but I think we covered that a long time ago so really, let’s just move on.  I DID manage to question why it went from 89 to 80.  That part is just not right no matter what form of math you are doing.  That is when I figured out that the ‘8’ digit was really just broken and not being displayed.  That’s when I stopped looking at it and only went from the minutes numbers.  A bit harder to get details on the laps, but oh well.  After my full cardio and weight training time I went back to the track and sprinted around once.  I get stuck at one point when all the geriatric peeps that go to this gym were constructing a human pyramid in the middle of all three lanes, but I said “excuse me” and they all parted ways.  (Which is good because I was really in the mood for a rousing game of old people bowling.)  Even with all that, I got 41.76 seconds for my lap.  I believe that is about 9 MPH.  Oh ya baby, at 9 MPH you can knock down a LOT of old people!

For those keeping track, I am on day 6 of Lupron.  6 more to go.  I have an ultrasound that I need to schedule for the 29th to check my lining.  We are getting there.

(And yes, I really did get up at 4AM.  I was tired of being late after all the stuff I had to do in the morning before I could leave the house.  I went to sleep at 9 and got up at 4.. well.. 4:20-something really.)


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