The ‘Robyn’ complex

I did my last Lupron shot today!  The pessimist in me wants to say that it was the last Lupron shot for this cycle, but I’m avoiding the pessimist today.  At any rate, I have been told that Lupron stays in your system for long enough after you stop taking it that I should be good to blame any traffic violations I may commit on it for the rest of my life.  I should be getting my new travel information any day here now and then next weekend, I’ll be heading out to Canada land.

I know I haven’t written for awhile.  I’ve been a little busy.  All that court stuff previously noted came up again as the second court date finally happened.  I am now one of 3 of my father’s guardians.  This is very surreal to me as at one point in time, he was one of MY guardians and HE didn’t get along with my other guardian.  I feel like my family should be some grand Greek story or something.  You know, people can have the “Oedipus” complex?  Ya, then they’d have the “Robyn” complex where they were destined to parent the parent that was a horrible parent.  In this story, there are so many shades of weirdness including the aunt and uncle and extended family issues. 

But hey, all of my siblings got to get together again and have some fun!  I even got to go shopping and I picked up some more summer clothing at a great deal.  I gotta say, even though I KNOW the quality of this store’s clothing is not great, but I really needed something and the styles are right for today even if the pants I bought last winter are so pilly now that you’d think they were chia pants.  I got to go shopping out in hickville with my brothers and their mom (half brothers) and I got this bag I’ve been drooling over ever since our very first trip out to this place.  It is the Angry Little Girls brand thing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I got the one that says “Wow, cute bag!” “Get your own bag bitch!”  My x-step-mom liked it too and wanted to get me and my sisters a little gift so she picked up 3 more bags like it and paid for all four!  How nice was that??  I also saw an amazing little cell phone purse that I wanted because I’m often trying to not forget where I left my phone when I don’t have any pockets.  It was REALLY expensive though and since it was just an old tie that was stitched into a purse and beaded, I can totally do that on my own.  Can and WILL, well, that’s two different things.  Still, maybe someday.

The last day with my sisters, we went out to the gym together and worked out.  We even got my littlest sis to run on the treadmill with us although she hated every second of it.  It was so fun to have all of us in a row on the treadmill though.  Since I had not planned on being down at my mom’s house for an extra day, I did not have workout clothes to wear that were fresh.  They were dry and had only been worn once and then sitting out to dry since, however they definitely would’ve led any dog with a D+ or better in sniffing skills right to me from, oh, Canada.  I also hadn’t showered yet that day because who showers just to go to the gym?  I did put on more deodorant but I’m afraid that couldn’t quite fix things.  My sister was SOOO convinced that it was her that smelled but I’m pretty sure it was my tank and sports bra.  Of course, I didn’t say anything to her about it.  🙂  It was too funny to watch her sniff her pits and declare herself stinky.

Later that night we all got to go out together.  Beckey had a bunch of people she knew meeting up at a bar downtown and for once, I got to go with.  Being normally the mom that gets left behind with the kids (and being too fat and ugly to even try anyway), I’ve never gotten to go out and do that before with them.  I was so excited to get to be one of the fun sisters that night!  I have to say that I can absolutely see the freedom of my kids getting older and being done with having babies!!  It is so ironic that it happens just before I’m about to get knocked up again (hopefully), but I still don’t have to even consider heading into round number 4 of diapers and nursing and early nights. (Or really really really late ones that do NOT include wearing fun shoes even if they do involve things like fuzzy nipples, lots of dancing – rocking – patting – begging to go to sleep, and an extra marital relationship with my medula pump-n-style.)  Still, I’m not in my 20s so I forced my older sister to go out with us as well so that I didn’t feel like the old married boring dork at the party.

Now that it is all done, I need to get back to my old habits.  I haven’t made it to work out since Tuesday because the husband needed to go to work early so I needed to handle the morning routine.  Tomorrow I have to leave work early to deal with some ‘parent the parent’ issues so I’m thinking I may just run into work as early as possible.  That would mean that I’d need to be motivated, or at least disciplined, enough to make it to the gym after doing that stuff.  I could (should) also go either just run in the neighborhood tonight, or go to the gym.  I’ll probably end up sitting on the couch with ice cream and chocolate marshmallows  running in the neighborhood because going to the gym from home means going to the crappy “Scott Zappa” Coon Rapids Lifetime and I won’t use that one if I can avoid it.  I wish I could feel more for sure about that… feel free to egg my house if I report back that I did not, in fact, work out tonight! 

At least I can end on a good note and say that when I did weigh in on Tuesday I was at 162.   OK, I’m going to admit something totally nuts.  At the end of every workout, I stretch my arms.  I’ve done this since my very first workout.  I used to do it because the arm bars that I hold onto and move on the elliptical machine would always leave my arms feeling a bit tight so I stretched them out just to get out of the weird elliptical-arms feeling.  Then I got stuck.  Every time I did this, my right shoulder joint would pop.  SOMETIMES when I did it, my left shoulder joint would pop.  I started noticing (this is the weird part) that on the days when both arms would give me the pop, I’d have a good weight day on the scale.  I started getting really odd about it because if I just couldn’t get my left arm to pop, I’d be all depressed.  Well, a few months ago, I was stretching like normal after a workout and pulling on my right arm… the one that always pops.  It wasn’t popping and somehow I pulled it so far that I actually injured myself.  It was sore for a few days and I couldn’t even attempt to stretch it.  Ever since then, it has healed just fine but I’ve not been able to get the right arm to pop at all.  Sometimes the left would still, but not the right.  You will note, that I have had icky weight loss days more often than not during that time.  Well, back on last Tuesday I had somehow gotten the right one to pop again and you will note the awesome weight day!  This Tuesday at the gym, I also got both arms to pop and, ya, 162.  I know, I know – it is totally nuts.  Still, for whatever reason, that darn shoulder joint predicts my weight results for the day.


5 Responses

  1. I’m glad you got some shopping done! A new bag can lift even the sadest spirits!!

    here from ICLW

  2. Popping in from ICLW…

    I’m right there with you on the kids eat free restaurants and the glares from child-free adults!

  3. Lots of luck to you on your journey– IComLeavWe

  4. Here from ICLW.

    I’m so glad that you had such a great time with your family!

    And the shopping sounds like a total blast too!!

    Good luck with getting back into your routine.

  5. SISTER!!! It was YOU??? THe stinkiness???? THanks for telling me!! I’m just kidding, even if it was you Im poretty sure it was both of us! Traveling in planes to cars for hours on end then waking up and going to the gym with no shower inbetween can make anyone stinky! HA! It was so fun to run next to you! AND go shopping AND go to the Wild FUNION!!!! YAY!!! The Stegeman sisters all out together! THat was AWESOME!!! I love you sister!

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