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Riddle me this:

What do you get when you drive past a cop clocking people on the freeway while driving in a green minivan with your mom, 2 brothers, and all 3 kids going 83 MPH?  (It was a 70 MPH zone and just so you know, I was pretty much average with the rest of the traffic until I was the last one to notice the cop.)  Well, if you are me, evidently, you get off with a warning and a friendly smile.  For future reference, I gave him a sheepish grin after he told me what he clocked me at and said “I know, I’m sorry, I was distracted by something in the back (reference car FULL of people including fighting prone siblings) and it kind of got away from me I guess.”  He appeared to acknowledge how that can happen and asked how my record was (totally clean) and said that if he confirmed it was clean back in his car he’d give me a warning.    My husband is convinced he found out I was married to a national guardsmanwhen he looked up my license plate but I’m not thinking they are quite that advanced.  Anyway, it drives me nuts that the hubby gets away with ANYTHING on the road thanks to his military ID card so I refused to believe that had anything to do with my encounter.  Feeling pretty lucky after that, I was.  I’ve been doing so much long distance driving lately with all this crap with my dad though, that it was a statistical guarantee that I was going to have this happen eventually. 

Out in Alex, we went on a walk to the lake again only this time it was warm enough to check out the water.  Ash decided this for us when he walked into the lake with all of his clothing on.  Since the damage was done, we let him wade (if up to your armpits counts as wading when you are the height of a very large beaver walking on his hind legs.)  Jessie decided to do this also only we had her take off her shoes and socks first.  We should’ve had her strip off everything but we were temporarily stricken stupid, I think.  All was well enough as we just tossed all the clothing into the dryer back at the house and let them wander the house almost naked until their clothing dried.  That was, I believe, the last ‘visitation’ trip out to see Dad in Alex as he will be in the home starting today.  It will be nice, at least, to have the shorter drive and the slightly more family friendly place to visit with the kids.

So, on the riddle theme, how many workout days would you have to miss before you stopped feeling guilty about missing them?  Ya, whatever it is, I hit that.  Last Tuesday was my last workout day and THAT had been after missing a lot.  I had just decided: screw it, I’ll pick it up again when I can.  Pick it up, I did.  I got out there today FINALLY, and ellipted my 35 minutes and did the arms set of weights.  I’ve been out of having a book to read for a long time so I finally picked up some new ones to take on the elliptical with me.  I just finished reading the Island of Lost Girls which was really pretty good.  Now I want to read Promise Not To Tell by the same author.  (Sorry, don’t remember who – my dementia related brain can’t handle the details.)  I have some more from Marion Zimmer Bradley (don’t remember the titles – it’s one or the other, apparently, with me) that I’m looking forward to because of how much I LOVED the Arthur legend books from her.  It was good to be back on the elliptical reading finally.  That was the main bulk of my workouts for so very long and I’m glad I got that book in there.  I ended up weighing in at 163 as well so, really, it could’ve been worse.  Let’s just hope we don’t do what happened the week before and jump up from there as the week goes on.

Lastly, you can read more in the surrogacy blog, but we’ve had a bit of a blip in the gestational carrier world.  The egg donor is responding slowly to the medsand our dates are being pushed out.  Since we are saving money by using a Canadian clinic, we are paying many thousands of dollars in flight change costs to deal with this.  Very annoying.  Also, the hubby doesn’t think he’ll be able to get the weekend of the 8th, 9th, and 10thoff so… friends… sisters… strangers… if anyone would like to travel as my support person around that time please speak up.  Your flight will be covered as P and J have asked me to come up with someone such that I am not traveling alone.  The perks are that you will get to see Canada and visit with my very (VERY) adorable guys.  The downside is that you will have to room with me and spend a good deal of time with me and I’m totally neurotic.  (Just ask Scott Zappa.)  Before I end this I’d like to give a BIG thank you to Jeanette for setting my mind at ease regarding the egg donor’s response because it makes me feel MUCH better AND it makes up for the fact that my doctor seems to have forgotten my phone number.


3 Responses

  1. Sorry I can’t hop a plane with you Robyn. I even have a valid passport! But I promised Krystle I would go wedding dress shopping with her (her first outing!) on Saturday of that weekend.

  2. Hmmm…so where in Canada are WE going??? I might be able to swing it. Got my last SORR run in Burnsville, but I could skip that…

  3. I would love to go if you have someone else to watch the kids. Mom

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