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End world hunger, one tank at a time.

My children decided to help feed the world.  Their plan was to distribute as much food as they possibly could far and wide.  They started with the fish tank.  Yep, they dumped the ENTIRE flake fish food container into the tank.  They didn’t stop there.  No, just in case the two fish (one is rather large, you know) in the 20 gallon tank were still hungry, they poured in the newly purchased bag full of bottom feeder pellets as well.  It looked something like this when I got home last night from visiting my dad:  Rock layer, 1%, food layer, 10%, water layer, 89%.  I think I may have seen one of the two fish still in there.  The other one was clearly tunneling under the food to reach clear water outside of the tank.  Since it was late and I was tired, I figured they’d be OK until the next evening when I could clean it all out.  Turns out, this morning it looked more like coffee than water and I knew I had to change out the sludge.

It took awhile, but I got all the water out, kept the fish in a little bowl, and scrubbed, sprayed, and cleaned all the items from the tank.  I then refilled the tank and hooked up all the tubes for the filter and the bubbles and heater.  I also changed out the filter because I’m assuming it was pretty much goo’d up good.  Unfortunately for the fish, there wasn’t time to let it sit to make sure the temp and all that was stable and the water was still a little cloudy from the little bit of fish tank scuzz that I couldn’t quite clean out.  Well, in they went because I had to go to work.  They were swimming around and not holding up protest signs or wearing little fish hospital gowns when I left so maybe they were OK.  If they are dead when I get home then I guess the yet-to-be-eaten crayfish my son brought home from school can go in there.

We were a little bit late getting to work this morning.  By ‘we’, I mean the royalty that is ‘I’. 

The latest news I’ve heard on the gestational carrier bit is that we are, in fact, looking at Wed through Sat.  Kris has said that they actually are going to let him have the time off, which I’m shocked by.  So thanks for the offer Pam, but it looks like I’ll have to deal with snoring at night after all. 

Tonight I think I overheard the kids planning on making sure the cat is well fed.


2 Responses

  1. What beautiful projects you’ve set for yourself. Best to you!

  2. Fish don’t really need that much food. Karen

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