The cat is out of the bag

In a desire to NOT look like a psychotic nutcase employee, I told my manager what was going on.   I’m not sure I convinced him of my sanity, but at least I explained why my schedule keeps changing hourly as far as when I’ll be at work and when I will not.  With each passing moment, I am convinced that Canada, if you are not a resident, is NOT a good place to travel to for IVF.  A good place to travel for IVF is the closest possible place that will do it with a valid medical license.  You should not have to schedule a flight to your IVF.

So yes, I told my manager.  You see, upon telling my manager that I was pregnant last time, I started crying.  Not even little crying but uncontrolable “the world is going to end” crying because I was so totally messed up in the head at that time.  Hard to explain really but I was very scared about the anxiety and general unhingedness that became my brain during and shortly after Jessica’s pregnancy.  I had just gotten that job and this was the first time this guy was ever a manager and I was his only report.  He’s a nice guy but I was a real challenge for any guy manager to know what to do with.  We managed through it but I was really hoping to not even bring up the pregnancy until I was many weeks into it so that I’d have that time to point out how not crazy I’ve already been.  (Relatively speaking, of course.)  He honestly responded fairly well and I’ll just have to prove to him that being pregnant will not cause him undue time spent dealing with, ya know, girly issues.

BTW – in case you were wondering – the fish are alive and well yet.  Also, in case you were wondering, I went to the gym today again and got in my full workout and it was a very good thing because after my traumatic dildo ultrasound uterine lining measurement session today (9.5mm, thank you very much), I stopped at Culvers for some ice cream.  Double chocolate ice cream.  With Oreos.  Mmmmmm.


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