On the brighter side of life

I leave tomorrow!!  No, it is not all sorted out at all.  They (my agency) just basically gave up and decided to have me out there the whole possible time.  I’ve got Sat to Friday planned but in reality, I’ll be home either Tuesday or Thursday I believe.  Or Wednesday.  Or Friday.  But really, they know what they’re doing so let’s all just trust them, right?  My husband took today off ‘to get ready’.  What exactly playing on his computer all day has to do with getting ready I do not know but I’m pretty certain the pool will not have been treated, the laundry will not have been done, the toys will not have been cleaned up, and the bags will not have been packed when I get home.  He might get his (Jessie’s) laptop packed up and he will probably have done the dishes because that is the job he does on a fairly regular basis.  I would not be shocked to come home and see himcleaning the garage because that, folks, is what he does every time I start trying to get stuff done.  All of the sudden, the garage because a hot topic and it needs to be cleaned.  Because, you know, all the people coming over for Solstice dinner or whatever are going to be sitting in our garage.  I’m hoping to wrap things at work up early so I can head home and supervise the ‘getting ready’ a bit.  Because, hey, we leave tomorrow!!  Yay!

I had an interesting revelation at my US the other day.  On a whim, I asked to have a copy of the report that they were sending to the doctor.  Well, the US tech had also put in the measurements of my ovaries and evidently, the US tech was having a hard time seeing the screen that day when making her measurements.  You can read about what she did over on the surrogacy blog site if you’d like but suffice it to say that I’m over the issue.  I went in and got a copy of the US I had back in April before our first transfer attempt and the results were totally normal so I’m assuming I’d have noticed if my left ovary had shriveled up and died between then and now.  Because why, I’m not sure, but it is easier to assume the 2nd was the mistake and not the 1st and since I don’t actually need my ovaries to both work I’m happy living in potential denial.  One thing to note, I’m kinda curious if the US tech did that because I had told her I was traveling to Canada for IVF because we were using donor eggs.  I don’t always go into the whole ‘gestational carrier’ story so that was easier to say.  (Like it was her business to ask in the first place but I guess small talk with the dildo wand is tough to come up with.)  Anyway, my point being, she had reason to think that my eggs were no good.  She had the US machine to measure my ovaries and with that in mind, I wonder if she measured small.  These are small measurements in the first place and a small difference in where you place that ‘x’ makes a huge difference in the results.

I will say that based on my recent Lupron induced menopause, I’m in no hurry to have those ovaries shut down for good. 

I have decided that my new gym is nicer and I’m glad that I go there instead even if it wasn’t for rude people screaming at me from the basketball court.  I have the running track, which I love even though I haven’t used it for awhile.  They have better stretching areas.  The locker room is amazing and so large and riddled with little individual mirror/counter/hair dryer stations in these little nooks in mazes of lockers that I’ve never and will never run into a problem with people using up too much of the bench or anything.  (I haven’t been running because I’ve been sucked into this book I’m reading and I can’t read and run at the same time.  I use the elliptical instead.)

There is only one thing that is a little different.  The place is a delicate balance between senior center and nudist colony.  By ‘delicate’ I mean… um… ya.  Maybe it is the location or maybe it is that this gym requires a more expensive membership to get into (which I only happen to have because I joined before they split the gyms into cost groups thus I was grandfathered into the system at the lower price) but 85% of the members of this gym are actually over 85 years old.  The men, thankfully, do not wander the public areas nude so we’re OK there.  The ladies, however, wander the very large locker room completely nude.  There is even a spa tub with a sign stating suits must be worn but they all hang out naked in it.  I actually didn’t think anything of them being in there naked until I saw the sign which means my only issue is that they are breaking the rules and I’m not certain why that bugs me.  My question is, why is the generation (or two, let’s not age me here) above me so totally uninhibited?  Why do I wrap a towel around my stretch marks and sadly dimpled skin while they wander freely with enough extra skin rolls to carry their shampoo in?  Why don’t they wax or at least for goodness sakes trim that bikini line? On the plus side, it is making me evaluate my uncovered self in a whole new light.  I mean, if you think you sag, there is nothing better than spending 30 minutes every morning watching 80 year old women walking around naked and as unconcerned as a national geographic poster to make you see just how youthful your body really is.  It is also, and this may be TMI, making me swear that just because I get old does NOT mean that I’ll ever stop paying attention to the whole pubic hair area because really people, the things that I’ve seen are just – not – right.


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  1. Have fun in Canada, and good luck. I’m looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

  2. Good luck!

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