The excitement, and insomnia, kicks in

My computer says it is 3:42AM.  My watch says 4:42.  I know this because I’ve been up for the past 42 minutes trying to get back to sleep.  Miraculously, the husband isn’t even snoring, yet somehow sleep is not coming. P and J have been telling me about how they haven’t been able to sleep for days and yet I’ve been doing just fine.  My only real nerves have been just about getting out here and having everything ready for the trip.  The details have been keeping me occupied.  Somehow though, now that I’m here, the excitement of it is enveloping me.  I wish I could sleep – I have an appointment at 9:30 to check on my lining yet again and then we (we not even including me, royal or not, this time) will decide on doing the 3 vs 5 day transfer.  It seems the doc is worried about making me and my lining wait around for the eggs longer than we had planned on even though today (Sunday) is when we’d be doing the transfer if nothing at all had been delayed so I don’t really see what  difference waiting 3 more days vs 1 more day would make.  Especially since I’ve started the PIO shots already.

Did ya catch that?  I’ve started the PIO shots.  WHOO HOO!  I was told to start them yesterday morning, which, if I had read my paperwork more carefully I would’ve expected because it was the day after retrieval.  The only thing is, I was NOT told to do it in the AM AND PM like the paperwork says and since the paperwork is assuming suppositories and I declined that lovely idea in exchange for the MUCH nicer giant intramuscular injections, I’m not exactly certain that perhaps the injections are not only needed once a day.  I’d like to call the medical professionals to ask, however the medical professionals have had a very poor track record of telling me things that are, in fact, correct, so I don’t know that I’d be very reassured by what they said and I hate the idea of giving them an opportunity to play with me head.  Frankly, who KNOWS what they’d say when I asked.  The fertility clinic staff called me yesterday to tell me to show up at the clinic for a 9:30 transfer.  Yes, transfer.  I said, um, that can’t be right.  They were waiting until I got there to decide on when the transfer would be based on where I was with my lining so they can’t possibly know with me still in the airport in MPLS what they were hoping to know about my lining.  If they can, well, those security scans as they let us into the airport are a whole lot more invasive than I thought.  BTW – if you want to smuggle stuff into the country or even just onto an airplane, a bag with an assload of big pointy needles is evidently the way to go.  I had been given a lot of extra supplies so I packed a reusable cloth shopping bag FULL of needles and medical supplies for my carry-on.  I had been told that it would be fine as long as I had the prescription with my name on them.  I put them through the xray machine expecting to be asked for the prescriptions and all that and no one batted an eye.  No stopping, no anything.  I just picked up the bag-O-needles on the other side and went about my merry way.

SO… I get here and talk to P and J and they had talked with the docs after I had talked to them sharing the news about the transfer time and it turns out there are no transfer plans this morning at 9:30.  It is a lining check appointment.  The staff was wrong.  This makes more sense to me but it also means I cannot rely on the staff to be right about anything and I don’t think I’d even go to them to discuss hang nails.  Oh, before I forget, just mere hours before you get on a 2+ hour flight is generally not the best time to do a shot full of stubborn oily PIO in your backside.  It was a long 2+ hour flight.  With uncomfortable seats.

Admittedly, I’m having a wonderful time here!  When we got to the hotel, P and J (although only J signed the card) had flowers waiting for me.  We got up to our rooms and of course, got both of our laptops (because we are complete dorks, the both of us) out and hooked up to the network, and got ahold of P and J.  We went out to the movies last night and saw Mama Mia which was really cute.  The hubby was not thrilled with having to see the movie instead of the Dark Knight one, but the guys had already seen the Dark Knight and although I may be the only person in the world like this, I’m really not pulled to feel like I HAVE to see it.  After the movie we got on the bus to head back to our hotel and hang out with the guys but we got on the bus going in the wrong direction.  Instead of getting off right away and getting on another bus going in the right direction, we just stayed put knowing that eventually it would turn around and go the right direction.  We sat on the bus as it made the entire loop just talking and laughing and having a great time.  They never did make it back to our hotel because it got late by the time we went the whole loop and they needed to get back to their hotel.  It was just to just sit and chat anyway.  I’m looking forward to tonight when we will be going out on the town as a last non-pregnant night celebration for me.

Of course, it is now 5AM local time and I’ve been up for an hour so hopefully I’m not dead tonight.  Eventually here I’m going to head to the hotel gym to get in my workout for today and then get ready for my appointment.  I suspect the need for sleep will kick in eventually but for the moment I’m high on expectations.  Oh, and we got 21 eggs in the retrieval, 19 of which fertilized.  (My guys joked about being worried the gay sperm would run away from the egg but it seems they knew what to do afterall.)


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  1. Sounds like those embryos are off to a good start. Good luck with the transfer.

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