And now…. we wait again.

Ahhhh… bed rest.  I’ve been looking forward to this part for awhile now.  Granted, this would get annoying if it went longer than one day, but now I’ve got the day to veg out in my bed.  Yes, it is actually my bed.  My mother is going to read this and get angry with me for not calling but we all decided that since it would be a lot of $$ to change my original Tuesday flight, I’d just go ahead and take the flight and then spend the rest of the day taking it easy at home.  I’ll have to call my mom about when to get together so I can finally see my kids again but until then, it is just NOT bedrest to have them here.

The transfer went well yesterday.  The only thing there is to do now is hope that the two little embryos can tell left and right from up and down and get themselves implanted.  And to start peeing on things.  While I’m not the type to be able to wait with that, even I recognise that the day after the transfer would be a tad too early.  Tomorrow though, definitely tomorrow. (I’m kidding, in case you can’t tell.  Good grief.  Of COURSE I’ll start today.)  In reality, I only have one little HCG test strip left over from my big purchase online when I was trying with Jessie.  I don’t even know if it would work but it certainly is no early detector.   If I use it too early and it is negative (as it most likely will be as it is so old anyway), then it is all gone and there aren’t any more tests to use. 

Whenever we test, if the results are positive, then we have a late April due date, the 24th, to be exact.  It is very odd to be wondering if I’m pregnant all the time.  I know this is a big ‘DUH’ on the IVF front, but it is odd to possibly be pregnant without having done anything.  To know that there is this embryo from someone else’s creation that I could be carrying.  We all watched as the embryos were put in on the ultrasound screen and that was all there was to it.  Simple.  Anticlimatic.  As suggestive as that word sounds, I wasn’t going to use it but I think I will.  Pregnancy – for the generally fertile couple – happens from sex.   This one was obviously not and the potentials are just so odd to think about.  Think about it I do though.. not the conception, or lack thereof, just the embryos.  What they are doing or if they are growing.  If they are on track for 2 weeks and 4 days today.

In addition to joining the official 2 week wait group, I’m joining the official ‘not working out’ group.  I can’t swim for 3 full days from the transfer time and I can’t get my heart rate over 130 outside of that.  While I want to keep up the routine so I don’t get out of habit, I’ll be keeping it really really easy until I can be transferredto my regular OB (whom I love, which is a tall order for any OB, if you are in the area and want the most amazing OB to work with, look up Dr Lex Lawson.  Or don’t, because he’s going to be busy.)  Once I’m with him I’m hoping to get more realistic care that is more focused on me as an individual and not me as a generic female.  The fertility doc has left me with his one last insult.  Yes, the 4ccs of PIO every day.  You see, they wanted 100mg of progesterone in the AM and 100 mg of progesterone in the PM via suppositories.  Suppositories are clearly the invention of a very evil troll, or at the very least someone (probably a guy) that was fond of the fun squishy feeling in your underpants all day long.  Gross.  So I made the initiative to request PIO injections that I could give to myself.  Well, because these people aren’t paying enough attention to the 48 person load they have at any given time, they told me to take 100mg, IE – 2ccs of PIO the morning after the retrieval.  They said nothing at all about the PM dosage and since my instructions were for suppositories (which, by ooziness default doesn’t all stay where it is put or get absorbed) I suspect that I did not, in fact, need to do that high of a dose.  When we were visiting the fertility doc so he could estimate my current lining grade based on looking at my face (or maybe the color of my shirt, I’m not certain), he told told me to yes, go ahead and to another 2cc shot at night and keep that up twice a day.  You can never have too much progesterone.  Um, OK, but you CAN have too many high volume shots, Dr smarty pants.  So really, if it is excessive, maybe you should’ve TOLD me that so that I could have done the smaller amount.  But no, he told me to do the higher amount.  THEN after the transfer I was told to do a 1cc shot in the AM and a 1cc shot in the PM by someone else so when I questioned the inconsistency, Dr Pain In The Ass said that it would be 1cc only, but since I started out doing the 2ccs, they didn’t want me to go down.  So now I’m stuck.  He ALSO said that I was not allowed to lower that dose or do it less often until 12 full weeks of pregnancy so he highly suggested that I go ahead and use the suppositories.  Since I would stop using tampons if this particular man suggested that I use them to help deal with my menstrual flow in the beginning of each cycle, there is now no way in hell I would ever, EVER use a progesterone suppository even if I DID like the feeling of peeled bananas in my pants.  (Which, for the record, I do not.)  Which brings me back to my hopes with being a patient of my tried and true OB.  I am ever so certain that once I get that + test and get to go to him, he will test my progesterone levels and based on that, probably allow me to lower the dose of what I’m taking to a more realistic level and continue to lower it as needed until the baby and the placenta are doing all the work.  Until then, 4ccs.  Lots of fun.  I opted to have the shot on my hip again this morning because my thighs just do not recover as quickly.  Maybe my hips are just getting used to it now.  I can say the airplane ride was not even a little bit uncomfortable due to the shot from that morning today.  Yay for the little things! 🙂


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