No more lounging around…

7 dpo

I found the e-mail from the clinic about workout guidelines.  They state that light cardio can resume after 48 hours from the transfer.  Guess that means no more excuses, huh? This is good though because I’m starting to feel… puffy.  My clothes all still fit and everything but I think the rich foods and lack of exercise is starting to catch up to me.  That and all the progesterone I’m injecting.  I think I’m shooting up about a pound of oil per day.. wonder where it all goes.  Of course, I could also be pregnant so there is that.  

So, now is the time to start the pregnancy symptom watch.  This becomes very difficult when you are the equivalent of a progesterone addict, since most of the early symptoms come from progesterone, but we’ll make a go of it anyway.  I’m not normally one for morning sickness, but last night while making dinner I started to feel a tad bit ill.  I’m not sure what that was about, but we can chalk it up as a symptom, right?  I’ve been feeling that tendon pull in the groin area that means either I am doing the splits and didn’t notice, or something is putting pressure there.  Of course, a uterus that is being artificially drugged to develop the amazing ‘Princess and the Pea’ inspired lining is probably a sizable thing all on its own.  My other key symptom would be the drug sniffing dog sense of smell.  It is hard to tell if I have this as I purchased the Tide brand of laundry detergent that was advertised to smell of lavender and vanilla.  What it really smells of is “allergies suck”, a scent I’ve noticed is far too common in today’s world.  Since I’m too lazy and cheap to re-wash all of my clothes, I’m just living with the allergies until I get through everything that was washed in it.  I have gotten rid of the offensive detergent and purchased new stuff which is really more than I thought I would do.  Normally I’d rather not throw out perfectly good detergent JUST because it makes my sinuses want to cave in on themselves so I’d use it and suck it up until it was gone.  I’m also really tired but that is pretty much a constant state for me anyway AND I’ve been so engrossed in my new books (The Darkover Series by Marion Zimmer Bradley – awesome!) that it is a battle of wills each evening to stay up and read instead of falling into a coma while trying to reread the same line over and over.

Bah, can’t I just test yet?  Please?


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  1. I’m glad to hear everything went well with the transfer, and I’m sure it’s hard not knowing if it was successful, so be patient girlie!

    Oh, and good luck with working out if you choose to do it, but don’t feel guilty if you don’t!

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