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On the road again

Or, at least, the treadmill.  This morning I got up and put together my neglected workout bag and headed into the gym.  Well, before doing that I also took my 3 Estrace pills, my horse pill shaped vitamin, and grabbed the ice pack out of the freezer wile I nuked my corn bag to sub-lava-like temps.  Now, I wrapped that cold pack up in a light towel because I’ve learned, last weekend, how very important that is.  Last weekend I had been absently reading the cold pack on the table while my kids ate breakfast.  It said to always wrap a cloth around it to prevent frostbite.  I thought how stupid that was because I always used it without a cloth and was always fine and besides, if you don’t, it doesn’t get cold enough.  Later that night I was icing my leg for my PM shot and thinking blog lines in my head.  (OCD anyone?)  I was thinking about how the worst part about these shots is the initial shock of putting that darn cold pack against your skin.  So, I rigged up a towel and a chip clip to hold the cold pack against my thigh while I prepped the shot.  Just call me Macgyver, people. 

I sat down and ripped open the little alcohol pad and removed the cold pack and discovered white, literally frost covered patches of skin under it.  Concerned and yet task driven, I located where I was going to give the shot, and put in the needle.  My leg felt nothing.  My hand, however, registered the crunching sensation as the needle went through the layer of frozen solid skin.  I finished the shot and wondered how badly I was going to pay for this later.  I placed my hot pack on my leg and waited for whatever was going to happen.  I’m happy to say that it was relatively minor.  The white patches turned red and were raised for a few days and it was pretty sensitive to temps like in the shower.  I avoided giving the shot there for a few days.  Other than that, it was more mental trauma than anything else.  Still, now?  We wrap that cold pack in a towel FIRST.  AND, it never gets cold enough and the shot always hurts now.  Fun.

Getting back to my story, I applied the cold pack and prepped the shot.  My thighs were both still a bit sore from the day before so I opted to do my back hip.  I was going to have to do it myself I figured because the lovely supporting husband was asleep still.  I’ve done this before but it isn’t very easy.  I went upstairs with all the stuff so I could see what I was doing in the bathroom mirror and located where I was going to put the needle in and tried.  That needle was not going in.  I’m not sure what I was doing wrong but I gave up and woke up my husband and made him do it.  I cannot believe I succumbed to being a needle wuss this morning.  I will have to not ever do that again.  And then I drove into the gym.

With the goal of getting a workout in that felt decent and keeping my heart rate below 130, I hopped on the treadmill and slowly upped the walking speed and incline while checking my heart rate periodically.  I managed to keep it between 115 and 120 at about 4.0MPH and 2.5 incline.  It still felt pretty lame, but that was the point, I guess.  I was happy to be back and doing it though, and the relaxing factor of it was nice.  After the workout was the weigh-in I was dreading.  I had not worked out since Sat August 2nd.  I have been injecting large volumes of oil and I have been eating out frequently.  I was 163.0.  I think, maybe, the fact that the majority of my weight loss has been due to working out and gaining muscles and not just starving myself, has been a big help to not gaining when I’m out of the routine for awhile.  I hope so anyway.  Now, that number will be going up but hopefully not too fast.  We want healthy baby weight, not lazy excuse fat here.


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