Adventures of the needle junkie

Big weekend coming up here!  First, today we start a big rollout here at work.  We had one earlier in May and we don’t normally have another one so close but it couldn’t be helped.  Anyway, it will most likely be a very late night for me.  We have to qualify every one of our 90 PCs running the factory.  After the server side upgrade is done.  Which will be anywhere between 9 PM and 3 AM tonight. Yay.

Tomorrow there is a CAbi party to attend which I am excited about.  Hopefully I will get some sleep before this.  Hopefully everything will go well with the upgrade and I will be able to attend.

There is also news about my brother and sister in law staying at our house sometime this weekend or in the week.  I don’t remember exactly.  I haven’t been participating in that much as it is my husband’s brother so I’m hoping Kris meant “I’ll have to get some cleaning done this weekend.” when he said “We’ll have to get some cleaning done this weekend.”  Normally, that means “You’ll have to get some cleaning done this weekend while I reorganize the garage.” so… ya know… we’ll see.

Before I forget, yesterday was my mom’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY mom!!  Tomorrow is my sister Erin’s birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Erin!  Later in the month is my older sister’s birthday so no Happy Birthday to her until later.  I DO have cards, I promise, I’m hoping they get mailed out and not piled on the stack of other cards I own because I bought them with great intentions and never got around to mailing them out.  (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with that stack at home, but I MIGHT be the only one with that stack including years worth of holiday cards.)

I made it into the gym today.  I didn’t do it on purpose, somehow I absent mindedly packed my gym bag with workout gear and drove into the gym.  Since I was there, I decided to workout.  Weird.  Just walking still.  I’m starting to think there is some truth to my previous weight gains being due to muscle gain because I was 160 today and through lack of strength training, I’m probably losing it now.  I also noticed while getting ready that I have two acne spots on my face now.  Lovely.  Oh progesterone, how do I love thee?

Speaking of that, I’m kinda running low on supplies.  I’ll have to figure out how much longer what I have will last and see if I might need more.  It will depend on what my OB will (hopefully) lower me to once I start up with him I’m sure.  As it is, I’m going through a whole PIO bottle every 1.5 days.  Yep, I know.  Holy needle junkie batman.  I did manage to redeem myself yesterday and today by giving myself the shot in my hip.  Not much else to talk about regarding symptoms or anything.  I did take a ‘week 4’ belly shot yesterday which I will post eventually.  Here are the rules:  1) Absolutely NO comparing how pregnant my week 4 looks compared to Jeanette’s week 15. Seriously. None. 2) Um, I don’t have any other rules.  Just that one.  OH, wait, no.  I do have one more.  2) Even if the rows of pictures do not line up perfectly, I do NOT have to go overdue just to make them even.


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  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I still look much bigger than that week 15 belly shot.

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