The spiral of sleeplessness continues…

Is it a bad thing when you are so tired that you actually get 4 hours of sleep and you can’t even tell anymore?  I’m thinking yes.  Something is going to have to change and unfortunately, I know what that is.  I’ve been staying up playing WAY too late in the evenings.  At least for a bit, I’ll have to put myself to bed early and not stay up doing whatever – until I catch up from this long weekend.  I thought my 9 year old could put up a fight to stay up late… he’s nothing compared to what I can whine to myself like.

So, I was getting dressed this morning and I put on my pants and they were feeling a tad bit snug.  Since it is still WAY too early to claim pregnancy issues I’m clearly going to have to get back into my routine.  This morning though, was not that.  I had an early appointment at the OB office for a blood draw to check my 1st beta.  I’ll be doing the next on Wednesday.  I also asked for a regular pregnancy test while there and I think the nurse thought I was kinda losing it.  I might have been because I shortly found myself in the bathroom with a plastic cup and the realization that I had JUST gone before I left my house and I probably wasn’t going to be able to go again.  I’m sure you will all be relieved to know that I did manage enough for the test.  One of the few superpowers of a pregnant woman. 

The test today was positive again! Now we just wait for the numbers.  I realize the numbers today all by themselves won’t mean much, but I still am excited to find out the results.  I mean, I know how far dpo I am (Well, I’m 0 dpo since I never ovulated, but you know what I mean) so maybe I can map that out to see if it is high or low from average.

J met me this morning for the blood test.  YAY!  It is so fun when they are all involved and excited about this.  I feel a little guilty since it is the hospital/clinic closer to me and all that and really, the blood draw was pretty boring.  Still, it is fun to see them.  Plus, J ran from the car to the clinic front door in his suit and tie from work and it was just the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.  (disclaimer, my children are more adorable but it wouldn’t have sounded as fun to say it was the 5th most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.) Even if you are pregnant with his child, your husband can’t be jealous if you are in love with a gay guy, right?  I’m pretty sure that is totally on the up and up.

This weekend I cut the heads off my sunflowers and took the seeds out.  That was pretty exciting!  I probably could’ve left them a little longer, but the bugs were taking them out as it was so I wanted to save what I could.  It wasn’t a bad harvest for two little flowers.  Considering my bean plants have barely yielded anything, the carrots and tomatoes never even grew, of the 3 pepper plants, one got pulled up by something, one is still really tiny although it is growing even tinier peppers, and one had the top eaten off after it flowered so, no peppers from there.  The watermelon plant is growing really well but for some reason the flowers aren’t growing watermelons so when the little buds fall off, there is just an empty vine under it.  There is ONE watermelon growing and it is already bigger than any of the ones from last year got before the first frost so I’ve got some hopes that it might actually be edible at some time.

My upgrade at work this weekend went well enough.  I was pretty frustrated because the manufactoring peeps wanted me to do it without using any of their time and I just cannot test THEIR processes out for them.  They did come around to testing it… 30 minutes before the scheduled down time instead of the 3 months like I was asking but hey, I’m not one to rip on procrastination.  (Yes, Erin, I KNOW – I will get that card in the mail, I PROMISE!)  Anyway, they found a problem and very nearly cost us the upgrade completely.  Thankfully, the issue was resolved and we did go ahead with it.  I was done by about 2:30 AM.  Next time?  I will push to use our scripts as proof that the PCs were upgraded instead of having to actually log onto each PC individually.  That is just such a pain, and we only have about 90 PCs.


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