I’m sorry, did you say 1 thousand?

1094.   That is what my HCG was at 17 DPO.  (DPO, in case you were wondering, means days past oil as in, days since I’ve started injecting myself with monster PIO doses. )  Wanna know what is average at 17 dpo?   At 17 DPO, the average HCG level is 132 mIU/ml, with a typical range of 17-429 mIU/ml.   (Straight off the chart.)  Since I know with the ingrained sense of trauma and fear exactly the date on which I started the PIO injections, I know the dpo is correct.  What does this mean?  Well, it means I spent a good deal of time googling (yahoo searching, actually, but that sounds dumb – so much for marketing yahoo.) hcg levels and what 1094 could mean.  I seems that plenty of people have had higher and had single babies.  Plenty of people have had lower and had quads.  For the most part, it seems that based on that number, the odds have gone up that there is more than one, but they were up anyway since we DID put in two, and it is all pretty unreliable as a way to tell.  It means that we can still not rule more than one out.  It also, just so I don’t come off as ungrateful and crass, means that we have a very very very good chance of having a very healthy pregnancy starting out here.  This is a good thing because I’ve been unusually worried about miscarriage lately and I don’t like it when I’m unusually worried about something because THEN I worry that I will mentally make it happen with my negative thoughts and THEN I worry that I’m a nut and THEN I start to wonder who else has found this out.  (The answer, of course, is the entire internet world.)

I do wish that I had some more symptoms.  Not anything unpleasant, mind you, but a slight tinge of tummy sickness for a mere 5 minutes wouldn’t be unwelcome.  As it is, I feel virtually nothing unless you count the burning sensation in my leg from the PIO shot I did this morning.  Oh, and as a side note, while I realize that no one like jamming needles into their leg and pushing down really hard on it, try not to finish the injection only to realize that you’ve partially pulled the needle out while doing it.   Apparently it is a very good thing that PIO shots are deep in your muscles because when you bring even a little of it more near the surface, the stuff burns like rubbing alcohol.  I don’t know… maybe it is just me, but just to be safe, fully embrace the length of those PIO needles and get that stuff down in there.

We’ve had a fun time having Kris’s brother and family over.  The kids have loved having the age-matching cousins there to play with.  Not that our house is ever boring, mind you, but I guess to a 9 year old it can sometimes seem that way.  I’ve tried to convince him to use his imagination to come up with things to do but I don’t push too hard because usually using his imagination involves scissors, glue, the table linens from our good china hutch, and a few buckets full of dirty sand from the sandbox.  Or some similar list of ingredients that cause large messes and often loss of property value.  They’ve been playing great together though!  Even Ash is getting into the fun by play wrestling with T, who is the boy that is about Jessie’s age.  I think it is fun for him to have a ‘brother’ that is closer in age to him.  That, or he is really anti-social and is just actually trying to take the other boy out whenever he sees him.  Really, it is so cute at this age though!  It is even cuter because Ash usually does it while wearing the pink plastic play high heals from Jessie’s dress up clothes with the pink fuzzy band over the toes.  We’ve learned that this is not just a trait for Asher though because C, the little boy Ash’s age, has also developed a fondness for wearing the high heals and pushing the baby stroller around.  Poor little C – he doesn’t have any older sisters to steal the girly toys from.  Actually, I think it is just a travesty that there aren’t any play dress-up little shoes for little boys to slip on and off.  They obviously love doing it and how hard could it be?  Maybe the “daddy-n-me” line of toys with strollers, diaper bags, dress-up clothes, and some little doll toy cars with a ‘manly’ theme to the design for the toddler boys.  I can tell you there will never be a more loved set of toys for all the little boys I’ve seen from Gavin to Ash and all our friends than the little ‘working’ vacuum and the doll umbrella stroller.  Even the play lawn mower can’t compete with those.


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