Beta news for all…

Dare I venture a guess based on HCG numbers that I’ve been warned again and again do not mean anything for sure???  The 2nd beta for 19 dpo was 2898.  That gives us a doubling time of about 34 hours.  That gives us a very high HCG.  Also, this belly of mine I swear to you is changing and not even 5 weeks along is WAY TOO early to be changing.  I know, my uterus is well versed in how to expand, it has certainly done so plenty of times in the past.  And yes, by my 5th pregnancy I can expect to be showing much sooner.  Still, 4 weeks???  No.  There is either more than one in there, or I’m growing an elephant.  Since I do believe the gestation time for an elephant is something like 2 years, I’m a tad bit anxious to find out how many we have.  We have the ‘intro to pregnancy’ appointment that we are forced to make before we can even see the doctor on Sept 5th.  I requested that I get a chance to speak with the doctor tomorrow to go over these nutball shots and the Estrace I’m still taking and to schedule an US (hopefully a non-pachyderm revealing US).  The nurse tried to tell me to step off and that USs are only done for ‘medical’ purposes, but SHE doesn’t know the power of having very high betas, a history of stillbirth, IVF with two enbryos transferred, and a very… persistent personality.  (That last one honestly having more effect than the others.)

So, last night we had a dinner to go to.  By ‘we’, I mean my work team and my manager and his boss.  We were all going out to meet his new boss.  He was a really nice guy and had such a ‘normal’ look to him.  None of that ‘plastic’ look that a lot of higher level managers seem to have.  Well, as I blogged before that my team knows what is going on because of the screwy travel issues we had, they asked me at this how it was going.  It is really unnerving to be sharing intimate details about your uterus at a business dinner with management.  I mean, as long as the topic of conversation is rotating around me in some way, I’m generally in bliss so I wasn’t really upset or anything.  It just felt like perhaps this was crossing a line or something.  Generally you don’t go about telling tons of work people about a pregnancy until you’ve BEEN pregnant for significantly longer than 4 weeks. 

In the course of talking about it, I mentioned the HCG number we got on Monday was very high.  One of the guys asked what HCG was and my boss’s boss answered.  He answered VERY well.  Someone else chuckled and said “Not the dinner conversation you were expecting is it?” and I said that if he knew what HCG was so well, it sounded like he had some experience in this.  He said yes and that he and his wife had gone through IVF a few times.  He also shared with us quite a lot of details that impressed me not only beacuse he was willing to share, but because he really experienced it and understood.  He was talking emotions and how infertility makes you feel.  I generally have the impression that the husbands are more or less along for the ride and don’t know all the intimate emotional details to such a degree.  (At least, that is how mine is.)  I came away from that dinner slightly embarrassed for discussing details that generally are not business conversations but also with a high respect of this person. 

Well, that’s all folks.  I’ve got a date with the gym in the morning to make sure this elephant doesn’t take over too soon.


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  1. Impressive! My husband NEVER tells anyone, although he doesn’t have a problem w/me sharing freely. It sounds like he’s “in touch with his femine side”, hee hee.

  2. That’s too bad that they had to do IVF, but it’s really cool that he was open to sharing his experience. I always think it’s funny talking about my goofy uterus stuff at work because I can feel the uncomfortability of my co-workers. I don’t care, I’ll talk about anything (as I know you do too).

  3. As a guy going through IVF and Surrogacy I have many opinions that I have shared along the way.

    Most of us guys just play dumb so you girls will leave us alone. Life is easier that way.

  4. Coming over from ICLW…

    Congrats on the rising numbers!

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Best of Luck! ICLW

  6. ohh I am hoping for twins for you then!! when are you due? I am 5 weeks 5 days and too already showing a bit! I am also hoping for twins!

    have a great pregnancy

    here from ICLW

  7. Has my head been that far down in the sand that I didn’t even notice you were pg and had such high betas? My money is also on twins. Congrats to you and your IPs!


  8. Great betas. Congratulations!
    Here from ICLW wishing you happiness and success.

  9. congratulations for you and your IPs.


  10. Congrats on your incredible betas…and how cool that your boss was willing to share his experiences.

  11. Here from ICLW. Congrats on the rising numbers!

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