Biking, Bowling, and getting back the groove, but not in that order

I am getting fat.  I’m up 2 whole pounds only 6 weeks into this pregnancy.  Yuck.  I was fine until I weighed in at the gym on Wednesday and found I was at 166.  After recovering and getting on with my day and deciding the internet REALLY didn’t need to know about that number, I realized that perhaps it was actually time to buckle down and get back to staying in shape.   The 2 pounds wouldn’t even bug me normally, in fact, I’d expect it, but it is not my belly alone that seems to be modifying its shape.  It seems my clothing is also shrinking a bit around my hips and thighs.  Oh yay.  For those of you wondering how 166 makes a 2 pound gain, on Thursday and today I was only 165 and I’m considering 163 to be the ‘start’ weight although that’s pretty arbitrary.

You see, I KNOW that I should be doing light workouts.  The trouble is, my brain is alternating between thinking “You’re being lazy, this is really bad for you, go workout.” and “You’re overdoing it, you’re going to cause pregnancy problems, take it easy.”  I went out for a bit of a hike Tuesday morning.  I walked/slow jogged my way up to my son’s school and a bit further up the road.  As I walked I felt like I wasn’t doing anything at all and as I jogged, I felt like I was being naughty.  It is all so mental.  P and J have TOLD me they would be happy with doing light work outs.  Everyone and their brother says it is good in pregnancy to keep up basically what you were doing before.  My brain has such a hard time getting around that for someone else’s pregnancy though… and it is refusing to allow me to sit on my butt like I did for Jessie and Ash’s pregnancies. 

Well, the out of control gain that hit before even making 6 weeks helped to shut my brain up about all its issues and I’ve started making a better effort to get into the gym to workout in the mornings again.  I just do the elliptical – because the slow jogging hurts from the shots too much.  I set it to level 10 (down from my normal 15) and do not try to push myself much.  Still, it is a far cry better than what I was doing, so I think I’ve found my groove again. According to this chart I just found online (thank you google), normal weight women should gain ~1.5 pounds by 6 weeks.  By 13 weeks I should be at a 4 pound gain.  Hopefully I can hold to that.

Did you catch that, BTW???  We’re at 6 weeks!!  That means, at most, I could only have 6 MORE weeks of PIO shots.  Actually, I try not to think about that too much because it is more disturbing than comforting so maybe I won’t type that again.  We have our ultrasound on Tuesday morning so we’ll see how many little ones are in there at that time.  According to the baby on the left of this screen it should be about the size of a grain of rice now so I’m thinking TWO of them shouldn’t change how much I gain at this point. 

There have been some slight symptoms off and on over the last few days.  Every once in awhile I feel like calling up P or J to yell “You happy now???” at them about how ill I’m feeling, but the feeling passes and while it still makes me chuckle to think about, I can’t actually bring myself to do that if I’m not feeling sick.  Plus, P can’t have his phone at work so it isn’t worth calling and J never answers his due to meetings.  

Next Tuesday morning is ALSO the first day of school.  Big conflict there, but I don’t think I’ll be able to move the ultrasound.  Mostly because I know the guys’ schedules aren’t easy to change at the last minute like that, so I don’t want to try.  Gavin is sooo excited about riding his bike to school this year.  I’m petrified of the whole thing.  Well, that’s not true.  I’m not petrified of the whole thing.  I’m fine with the part of him riding his bike.  I’m actually over the moon about it because I ‘practise rode’ the route with him last night and that boy is OUT OF SHAPE.  It will be good for him.  I’m nervous about Kris and I BOTH having to be at work before he actually leaves the house.  I’m nervous about him leaving the doors locked and the garage door shut and bringing his backpack and his homework and his mittens and hat and zipping up his jacket.  I’m nervous about him leaving the house on time and not zoning out and forgetting that he has school.  I REALLY wish that school started earlier and ended earlier and his alone time would be after school when I know he’d be fine.  *Sigh*  The boy has to grow up and learn responsibility some time.  We’ll see how this works.  Specifically for this first day of school though… I’d really like to see him out the door.  Maybe we will do a practise ‘first day’ on Monday.

Speaking of school, Jessie will be going to preschool!  I haven’t had her going because I work full time and I can’t leave work every day to drive her to and from preschool.  A flaw in the preschool system, I think, that they can’t deal with working parents.  Well, this new montessori school opened right by our house and I’m so in love!  They allow you to go only as many days of the week as you like, so I can register her for just one day a week and drive her there in the morning, pick her up after work, and she can get a full day of preschool each week without having to leave her in home daycare and without having to feel like she’s in an institution all day every day.  She is SOOO excited about it, which I’m glad for because her natural shyness could make this tough on her.  She’s happy about the idea of preschool though so maybe it will go well.

Gavin will also be going to this school once a week.  They have after school childcare and while he doesn’t need it, he could use the tutoring help and the supervised homework time.  They will pick him up from school one day each week and bring him there where he will work on reading.  He loves the place and has asked me to please NOT pick him up until they close at 6:30 on his day there so I have high hopes about this too.  Not that it is cheap – even at just one day per kid.  I wish I could afford two days per kid but that would not make my budget.

On an entertainment topic, last Wednesday night I went bowling with my hubby and in-laws.  I won ALL of the games we played.  I won them because I have amazing talent (106 was my high score) and NOT, absolutely NOT, because they were all quite pissed drunk and I was totally sober.  I haven’t tried to bowl while intoxicated before but I have to say that after observing their behavior Wednesday night I am quite certain that alcohol does nothing to impair one’s ability to throw a very heavy ball in a straight-ish line down a slick wooden path.  No, that was all skill.  Plus, I got TWO strikes in ONE game.  I should go on tour.


2 Responses

  1. I hope you were also driving!
    I hope it goes well with the Montessori school.

  2. Glad you’re feeling sick….I think! Try not to stress about the weight, I know it’s hard, but you sound like you’d slip it right off after birth anyway!

    Count down those days of vile shots x

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