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From the desk of the progesterone challenged

I was hoping to have news from my doc today regarding my prog results before I blogged officially, but I do not.  In fact, when I called, they said the results were still pending and MAYBE I’d have them when I came in for my appointment tomorrow.  I’m assuming the lady at the scheduling desk did not understand that her words condemned me to another morning shot of progesterone tomorrow when I had thought giddily this morning that I was doing my last one.  That assumption is why I restrained myself from yelling ‘Curses to you and all your kin, you evil mistress of PIO!’  Well, that and because I’m at work and the cubical walls are kinda thin.

Ugh – well I just got called by my doc.  Progesterone is in the 70s.  40-60 is the ‘standard’ range for IVF pregnancies and because that is such a jump from what my progesterone was before we cut out 1cc, odds are, I get to keep doing the 2 shots per day for awhile now anyway.  I guess I’ll have to ask again around 10 weeks to have my progesterone checked.  Yippie freaking skippie.

Speaking of dissapointing things, my 9 year old dropped the F-word on me the other day.  Yes, I know, he is 9 and I’m living in crazy land if I think he will not learn to swear ever.  In truth, I was kinda happy to hear him use it because he obviously had JUST learned it and was checking out the effect.  That meant that he wasn’t an old pro with the word and just knew enough to not say it around me.  He didn’t use it again when I explained that it was not something I wanted to hear but he DID keep pestering me about what it meant.  Oh dear.  9.  Really?  You see, I had always had visions of me discussing sex with my kids all casual like with no issues.  I am not now totally certain that I can pull that off and I think I do eventually have to answer his question.  So far I’ve chosen the ‘not right now’ response hoping that he’d forget about it later and he hasn’t so much forgotten.

I made it into the gym today.  The really sad thing is that I’ve been so inconsistent with that, that I’m actually proud of myself for making it in for once.  Anyway, the elliptical was very nice and the 165 even after the long labor day weekend was also pretty decent.  I’m still at a 2 pound gain for the almost 7 weeks.  I’m nervous about the next weigh in though because these children have clearly been on a growth spurt.  I’ve got that pulled tendon thing to deal with every time I stand up straight so I get up and walk around like Igor for a minute before I can stand fully.  I simply flat out refuse to sneeze until I know I can go straight from sitting to standing pain free.  Those lower tendons don’t like sneezes.  I’ve also been getting very light headed easily and even if it wasn’t painful, standing quickly is bad for my face.  As in, falling on it kinda would suck.  So… I guess the symptoms have kicked in.  I was nauseous for a little over an hour or so yesterday morning too. 

Tomorrow we have the intro to pregnancy appointment and my doc said he’d be around after to meet P and J.  (He isn’t actually AT the intro appointment, that is just some random clinic staff person.)  Hopefully it doesn’t go for the full hour.  That would be called death by boredom.


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