If she weighs the same as a duck…

Damn.  169 this morning.  I knew that it was up because I’ve been feeling a lot of stretching and all that from those tendons but still, that is way too much.  My chart here doesn’t even have me gaining a full 2 pounds until 8 weeks and that will be on Friday.  6 pounds?  Um, ya, that’s like 14-15 weeks gestation.  Now, I know there are two here but still.  I’m gonna have to see if I can find a weight gain chart for twins.

The frustrating thing is that I’m used to keeping control of this with exercise.  I’m so limited on what I can do with exercise now that I really have to pay more attention to eating less.  THAT is hard because I’m hungry so much and the slight nausea that is sticking around more often is set off with bulky foods like the veggies that I should be eating so the comfort foods and proteins are easier to eat.  The person (I don’t even think she’s a nurse) at the intro to pregnancy appointment tried to tell me that I couldn’t use the elliptical and I had to only walk which was really depressing but she managed to begrudgingly admit that as long as you keep your heart rate down, it isn’t any different.

Speaking of her, it was an interesting appointment.  She was busy being a total snot to me until my guys that were there with me charmed her.  First they told me to give a urine sample at the desk when I checked in.  I said I thought they were going to cancel the urine pregnancy test for me since we know I’m pregnant.  This flummoxed the desk attendant and I told her we did TWO blood HCG tests in that office, ONE urine pregnancy test right there, AND an ultrasound across the street which showed TWINS.  I THINK we can skip the pregnancy test.    She agrees (as had the nurse earlier and my doctor in an earlier conversation) and we wait to be called in.  Well, when we are, the woman asks if I “was able” to give a urine sample.  I said I had not because we decided we didn’t need to do a pregnancy test.  Apparently she got it stuck into her head from that statement that I was not ABLE to give a urine sample and it took all my powers of speech to share with her that we simply decided it wasn’t needed and who wants to give a urine sample for the fun of it?  (Um, don’t answer that, I don’t want to know.)  She kept saying that they have to test for other infections (like I wouldn’t notice a bladder infection?) and so even though I can’t give a sample now I should try later.  How do you say “I CAN give a sample now, we had decided it wasn’t needed.”  in ‘idiot’?  I managed to convince her that if there was something OTHER than pregnancy they wanted to test for, I’d go through with the sample, but I did NOT manage to convince her that I was not, in fact, completely running on empty.  That was the start of this appointment.  Joy oh joy oh joy.

Most of the rest of the appointment was her asking me intimate questions about my previous pregnancies all of which are already in my history at this  clinic.  MOST of which was from pregnancies that were managed and deliveries that were attended by THAT clinic.  Still, she said they didn’t have the records carried over and each time you had a new pregnancy you started blank.  Um, dumb.  Yes, every time I find myself pregnant, I’d like to be grilled by some snotty clinic staff person about my stillbirth experience.  Look it up, it is in my file.  BUT – that reminds me why I got those marks on my previous ‘intro’ appointment for my bad attitude.  I did answer her questions that time around with “look at my history file, it is in there.”  Really though, don’t they HAVE people that work in records that could copy this information over and save ME the hour of my time to rehash it all?

This brings me to the exercise thing.  She said “I know you’re not doing anything now…”  I have been stuck on this statement from her for a long time.  Why would she said that?  I had not said peep about exercise to anyone in that clinic staff from the time we confirmed this pregnancy on.  No one asked.  That means that she had determined that bit of information one of two ways.  She either assumed it, or she read in from previous history.  Let’s think a little about these.  First, assumption.  Just in general, I’m pretty sure NOTHING about a patient’s history or current lifestyle should be assumed.  You are not supposed to fill out things like AIDS exposure or smoking status or seatbelt use based on the type of clothing a person is wearing.  Or the tattoos they may or may not have visible.  Or the intensity of the shade of mascara they opted to wear that day.  I’m pretty sure that just because someone were to walk, talk, and dress like a working girl, you still cannot write “whore” on the patient history without confirming it with her first.  Thus, even if there were something about me and my current situation that made her assume that I was not working out regularly, carrying that through to the statement “I know you’re not doing anything now…” seems downright wrong.

That also makes me wonder what about my situation would have her assuming that.  I know I’m no svelte size 6, but I AM in fairly decent shape.  At least comparatively.  For that matter, comparatively, SHE is very possibly morbidly obese herself so I’d like to think that she didn’t just think I looked lazy.  She did know we did IVF, so I guess it is possible that she was assuming that as an IVF person I wasn’t exercising but that makes no sense to me either.  Our IVF doc said to resume normal activities while keeping my heart rate below 130.  The clinic’s policy is even less restrictive, putting their heart rate limit at 140.  No one suggests not doing ANYTHING.  I guess the assumption thing is hard for me to settle on.

The second option for why she said that was that she had read it somewhere.  Namely, my previous pregnancy histories.  It IS written there.  I wasn’t working out for my previous pregnancies.  This is actually what I had figured when she said it at the appointment.  She had read it from my history and that was no longer true for me.  But see, here’s the thing.  The whole premise for this time-wasting appointment was that each pregnancy you start new and they have NO WAY to transfer all this information from their own records into this pregnancy’s records.  No way.  They don’t have access.  Yet, she was clearly mid-stroke in writing ‘no exercise’ onto my chart based on whatever she was using to make that statement and we’ve covered the assumption part so really, she had to have been bringing that over from a previous pregnancy history.  She can do that, but not discretely copy down the details from my 2nd child’s death without grilling me?

OK, so obsessing on her dumb comment aside, we’re on the exercise thing and she has just said “I know you’re not doing anything now…”  Which I interrupted by saying “Actually, I am.”  She clearly didn’t believe me and wanted to know exactly what I was doing.  She then told me that I should only be walking and that they do not recommend the elliptical.  Pressed a bit more, she admitted that whole thing about heart rate under 140 and that they don’t recommend the elliptical because most people have a hard time keeping their heart rate down with that.  Oh, and if *I* could keep my heart rate down, I could use the elliptical.  Thank goodness.  In order to get my heart rate UP to 130 I need to hit a very very very slow jog, or a very very very fast walk, and the impact, light as it is, hurts from where I give the shots.  The elliptical, which also gives constant heart rate information, is much more pain free.  She also had me on the scale to weigh in while there and asked how much I gained in my previous pregnancies (Duh, chart lady) and thus, my dilemma.  They obviously want you to only gain the right amount.  They also are restricting my workout abilities to nothing but the lightest of efforts.  Since I am tired all the time, I don’t like getting up any earlier and since I have to give myself that shot in the morning, I lose a good 30 minutes just doing that every morning.  THAT means that in order to get into work on time, I don’t have even as much time as I had before, let alone MORE time to get in the equivalent caloric workout with less intensity. 

It’s enough to make you say “Damn” when that scale throws a 169 at you.  I’m hoping that calms back down to the 165, but we’ll see.

It was funny to see P, the doctor, do exactly what everyone else does when the doctor asks you if you have any questions.  My OB said that he’d be around to meet the guys after this farce appointment so they could say hello.  In the appointment they had come up with a few things that the lady had told them to ask the doctor, things like hospital details and what not, and I know P had wanted to ask the doc that.  We got into the room with my OB and he shook hands and we had intros and all that and my OB asks if they have any questions.  “No, no, I can’t think of anything.”  LOL!  I’ve learned that if I ever want to remember a question I have to either write it down or call and ask right away.  Maybe it is because we’re Minnesotians but when someone asks you if you have any questions, it is so easy for your mind to go TOTALLY blank.

On those shots.  I’m still stuck at 3ccs/day.  Thankfully we do get closer to 12 weeks each and every day.  I have, however, had the pleasure of discovering a slightly less common, but still very much heard of side effect of the PIO shots.  Nerve damage.  There is an area of skin on the outside of my thigh much lower than where I’d ever give my thigh shots that is totally numb.  I can’t feel anything touching it.  It sometimes itches but I can’t feel it when I scratch it.  At first I had thought it was from the bruising from one of my less talented thigh shots.  I’ve since learned, however, that it is from the back of the hip shot as there is a nerve area there and sometimes that section gets hit from these shots and yes, nerve damage.  I don’t know if/when it will come back.  I suspect it will because of the itching.  It is weird though and could be scary if you don’t know it is fairly normal.  SO – if you are doing PIO and your thigh has gone numb.  Yep, I’ve been there, done that too.

You know, I’d love another US.  One where the babies are still small enough to fit both in one shot but where they are big enough and formed enough to look like babies.  Hmmm…


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  1. Didn’t you always have to have to give a sample with your other pregnancies. I never went to an appointment where they didn’t ask. It never had anything to do with a pregnancy test, it was always for infections and protein checks. I would imagine with twins, they’ll be even more careful with you.

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