If I have only ONE talent, it is to obsess

Whew!  Please join me in a collective sigh of relief when I say that this morning’s weigh in went significantly better.  I hit 167.  Granted, this is not 165 still, which is not as bad.  According to my chart for twins, I should still be at the higher end of 164 right now. 167 is more like week 12 but we’ll see how that progresses.  Once I hit week 12 I’m allowed ~2 pounds per week instead of the .45 pounds per week it is allowing now so maybe the difference can be made up then.

Speaking of that chart, in my hunt for a twin weight gain chart, I ran into THE FUNNIEST thing ever.  It was, I believe, an add for membership on some site that I guess was supposed to help you gain the right amount of weight in pregnancy.  It consisted of an interview of “Amy”.  Amy must have been having a very confusing time with the whole weight gain issue – I don’t know because I didn’t read the first part of the interview.  What I did read was the end.  The part where they listed their chart for how much weight she should gain in each week.  She said “And it was just so easy!  All I had to do was gain exactly the amount for each week on the chart.”  Um… ya… Amy is a fake person and probably a guy.  Just because someone writes on a chart how much you SHOULD gain for that week doesn’t mean you can easy peasy follow said chart and all frustrations are gone.  Especially while pregnant, really, your body has a mind of its own.  You can’t just eat a certain number of calories with a certain kind of food each week and CONTROL that you will gain 0.43 pounds that week.  We’re not setting the temperature on an oven, people.  The thing is, I don’t need to preach this to you.  YOU know this.  I THOUGHT everyone knew this.  Who WROTE ‘Amy’?  Very weird.

At my 167 weight, I am sitting here in my (buttoned, thank you very much) cords that I bought last fall.  I had them tailored because the waist (like all my pants) was too big, so now the waist is nice and snug.  Um, ‘nice’ being what it was BEFORE all the contents of my abdomen that used to sit below my belly button got evicted to the space above.  They are still just now not uncomfortable, however, I am thankful for my large sweater over them so that no one can see the frightening muffin top effect I have going on.  Yesterday I wore the pants that I had NOT been getting tailored because I figured I’d like the extra waist area once I was pregnant and I am ever so glad.  They fit perfectly.  It helped that they fit really low so that the hooks on the waist were actually below where my belly starts.  The reason I am sharing this??  Because it seems to say to me that my belly is the only thing really changing all that much and that reassures me that lazy lazy me that I am, this weight gain thing really truly is pregnancy weight.

I do not seem to be as tired today as I was yesterday.  That is a good thing.  Oh, and to my friends with the alarm clock issues – do what I did.  Allow your 2 year old to play with it so that when it goes off in the morning it is an ear drum breaking volume of frightening static and other odd demon noises.  That way, not only will you be sure to not miss it, but you will have the added bonus of having your heart race as your brain transmits the message that your entire house is being swallowed by either a tornado or a reincarnated ancient Egyptian mummy that is really pissed off.  That way you are REALLY awake.


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  1. I thought I posted a comment on your last post, but I don’t know what happened to it… Oh well.

    I was definitely on the high end for weight gain during my pregnancy. I think I’ve told you my theory on loosing weight before pregnancy makes it easier to gain weight faster during pregnancy. It seemed to be the case for me. I tried not to worry too much about weight gain. The only time I did was after Mother’s Day weekend when I had desserts at SATC night, my baby shower, 2 Mother’s Day celebrations, and a caramel roll from Key’s all in just a few days. Yeah, that was a bit too much splurging…

    Anyways, I gained 48 lbs., and now I’m only 11 lbs. away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Woo hoo!

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