The lunatic’s Flower

Flower has been found!!  I know, I know, you’re thinking this person is a lunatic.  Hey, did you know that people used to think you could go crazy by sleeping under the moon?  That’s where the word lunatic came from.  Anyway, I’m not crazy.  Flower is the name of our gecko, if you will recall.  On Wednesday, I was driving into work when I got a call from my son.  He just looked into Flower’s tank and she wasn’t there.  He knows he put the lid on.  Well, I had not been feeling well at all (coughing and feeling like you have to vomit don’t go well together, and the hubby has bronchitis) so I opted to head home and A) rest and B) see if I could do anything about the escaped gecko.

Upon arriving home, I found a tank with all items emptied from it except for the sand.  I ran my fingers through the sand and there was no gecko.  I said “You know, there is no way she could’ve gotten out of the tank if the lid was on.”  My son states that he really really THOUGHT he put the lid on.  He is quite upset with himself and I’m wondering about the correct parenting steps here to teach him about responsibility without being too harsh.  Well, we decide to put the tank back together and wait and see if we can find her in the house.  She is TINY.  A baby gecko.  Um, I wasn’t really hopeful.  Gavin, bless his heart, rigged up a path from the floor into the tank for Flower to climb if she so chose to go home.

Fast forward another day (which is a really good day to fast forward over because I only got worse on the sick and miserable front.  I THOUGHT the nausea was pregnancy related but not so much.  The hubby and my two boys and I all had some kind of tummy bug.  Asher and Kris started it and no, Mom, it wasn’t FROM the gecko. My daughter has the immune system of a super hero, always has.) and you will find Gavin running into my room saying “Mom, Flower!  Flower is in her tank!”  I went in there and sure enough, there is Flower hanging out in her tank like she’d always been there.  Well, of course, she MUST have always been there.  Maybe we just weren’t thorough enough when digging through the sand.  I decided to go take a shower and when I get out, Gavin asks me how fast geckos can dig.  Um… why?  Because she disappeared again.  I go into his room and once again there is a nearly empty tank with nothing but sand in it and all the tank items on the floor or on his bed.  This time, I got through the sand VERY thoroughly.  There is NO gecko in that sand.  10 minutes found… and lost again.

I figure she must’ve been hiding on one of the items so I look over the items closely and there is no gecko.  Well, if she wasn’t lost before, now she is.  Again, we put everything back in the tank the way it was before and hope to see her hanging out in the house somewhere.  The hubby comes home and we tell him of the Flower incident and HE goes up to the room and removes EVERYTHING from the tank and searches each item closely and shines a flashlight on everything and digs through the sand.  No Flower.  Around 8 or so that night, Gavin comes to my room again.  “Mom, Flower is in her tank!”  OK, so this gecko is a little creepy.  I mean, really.  I go to see and sure enough, she’s hanging out in her tank all solid and visible and gecko-like.  Then we see her go into this climbing log… and disappear.  There is this TINY little crack in the thing and she is inside it.  She’s been hiding out in that log the whole time.  I gotta say, I really hope she never really DOES get out because if she can hide so well that we can’t find her IN her tank, there’s no hope if she were to get out of it.  Also, I’m buying some silly putty and closing up that crack or something because that can’t be good.  What if she grows while in there and gets stuck?

So yes, I’ve been kinda ill.  My husband has been on antibiotics and it hasn’t been helping him so we’re assuming virus and I’m not bothering with the meds.  I’m feeling pretty much better today though and aside from very nearly throwing up all over myself in my car on the drive in today after coughing enough to make me gag, the nausea bit is not nearly as bad.  That makes me think it was never really pregnancy related in the first place.  Of course, THAT makes me nervous about the pregnancy with this bug but ya, lunatic, like our bodies can’t deal with a virus while pregnant.  The human race would be having issues then because you’d never be able to have more than one child.  Once you HAVE kids, you don’t have much hope of going 9 (10) months without ever getting sick.  Hmm, maybe I could wrangle another US to check on the kiddos now?  We’re 8 weeks today so we’d probably get to see two little baby shapes in there this time.

Today is me and the hubby’s 10 year anniversary.  We’ve had an eventful first 10 years.  I’m kinda looking forward to things quieting down and not being so… eventful.. for awhile.  Get out of the baby stage with the kids (which I will miss like CRAZY even while doing the dance of joy for it being done.  Moms – always in flux.)  Tomorrow we will be going to the Feast of Fantasy at the ren fest.  Our traditional anniversary activity since we got married at the fest.  I was kinda hoping for something bigger for the 10 year anniversary but as always, life just keeps happening and we didn’t get anything planned.   BTW – when the hubby got home on Wednesday I informed him that “Flower’s missing.”  He looked at me all sheepishly and said they just hadn’t been delivered yet.  I had no idea what he was talking about and then I got it.  I said, um, no, the GECKO, Flower, is missing.  Our anniversary, buddy, is not until FRIDAY.  The hubby’s response?  Oh, ya, I knew that.


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad that Flower is safe and sound, and that you’re feeling better. When I was pregnant with Ada, I had the flu at the same time I found out (about 6 weeks along) with a fever of 103! Then, I got food poisoning at 9 weeks. Thankfully, the human body protects the pregnancy quite well.

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better. That’s pretty funny about the gecko hiding on you. Happy anniversary and have fun at the feast!

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