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See, I can be nice to sales people AND school teachers sometimes.

I just bought a pair of maternity workout shorts.  They were over $50 once shipping was put in.  Yikes.  Yes, a monopoly will give you a nice markup.  Seriously, I looked many many places locally for workout gear for pregnant people and I couldn’t find anything.  Yes, I could just wear my short from when I was bigger, but… they don’t really fit right and if they fall off while I’m at the gym, I’ll be very unhappy.  I’d also be nearly nude from the waist down in a very public place and while that may seem obvious if my shorts had just fallen down, I think the tragedy of it warrants specifically pointing out the horror.  Plus, when I’m really bigger, they won’t go over the belly at all.  (Well, yes, they would, but by doing so I’m pretty certain that I’d have a snuggy to end all snuggies and really, how attractive is that since none of my tank tops are long enough to cover my rear?)  Add to this the maternity gear that I purchased yesterday after find with glee that I was working just a short trip down the road away from a very nice maternity clothing store, and you get a rather lot of funds spent on clothing.  Yes, I’m ashamed to admit this but I was getting so tired of pulling my old standards out of my closet and not being able to wear them.  The good news is that all of these things should be able to manage through most if not all of the pregnancy.  (I was warned by a very nice lady online that the 3rd trimester in a multiple pregnancy tends to have you look like you are walking around with a 5 year old attached to your belly and MOST maternity clothes will not make the cut at the end.  I think she suggested stocking up on classy looking beach towels and learning how to tie a decent toga, but perhaps I’m not remembering that right.)  The bad news is that it looks enough like maternity clothing that if I were to wear any of it to work, the coworkers here that do NOT know what is going on, and that is most of them, will probably figure it out.  I don’t really mind if they find out, I guess.  It’s just that the factory here can be rather rumor-y and at the moment I prefer not standing out all that much.  (Did I really just say that?)

I do have to share that while at the store, I mentioned to the girl that I was having twins so whatever I got would need to accommodate that.  She was asking when we found out it was twins and I said it was IVF so we knew pretty fast.  I also mentioned something about my children at home so she asked how many I have.  I said I have 3 kids and to her credit she looked totally non-shaken but she did say “So this is number 4 and 5 then?”  Well, not really.  I’m being a surrogate so they aren’t coming home with me.  Hehe.  She did admit after we had been talking that she was a little confused why we had 3 kids and were doing IVF.

Speaking of workout shorts, I have the cure to office butt.  Yep, get pregnant.  I’m not sure, but I think your butt has the job of balancing things out so that your belly doesn’t make you fall over on your face.  That, or it is just a special trait of my hormones alone.  It is really hard to tell but I’m pretty certain that my behind has never been so very rounded before. Don’t worry, I have no intention of posting pictures to get your opinion.

The day before yesterday, I attended a parent meeting at Gavin’s school.  The other school never had this and I have to say, it was really fun.  Not only did I NOT get into a fight with the teacher, but I knew one of the other moms there ahead of time (Gavin’s cub scout friend’s mom) and I got to sit and talk with a friend.  (Um, that would be Gavin’s cub scout friend’s mom.)  So far I still really really like Gavin’s teacher, and that is not at all because she keeps telling me that Gavin is doing great and is fitting in really well.  Um, OK, maybe it is because of that a little.  Plus, she has cute hair.  At this meeting, she was talking about how this year is a real transition year for the kids to gain some responsibility.  We can really see that in our house since Gavin has to get himself out the door on time.  She also said that if the kids come in and claim their MOM forgot to put their homework in their backpack, she’d get on their case about how it isn’t their MOM’s homework or backpack or school or job.  She said that if the kids DID the homework but left it at home, they would have to spend recess time re-doing it so that they don’t forget it at home the next day.  Yep, I like her.  So yesterday morning I very much on purpose LEFT Gavin’s homework sheet on the floor in his room where he last had it.  I also LEFT his homework folder sitting out on the table and not in his backpack.  (The mom in me DID set it right on the edge where it was highly visible from the entryway where Gavin’s backpack is.)  I told him several times before leaving that morning that he had to get his homework from the floor in his room and put it in his folder and put that in his bag.  He said “ya ya ya, I’ll do it.”  In the phone call to him before he had to leave I also reminded him about his homework.  At the end of the day when we all got home I asked, did you remember to bring your homework?  He grins sheepishly and says No.  Did you spend recess redoing your homework?  Yes.


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  1. Yeah, at the end of my pregnancy my maternity clothes weren’t fitting too well. I only had one baby, but he was a nearly 10 pounder.

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