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Only 43 shots left!

Last night was brutal.  Up twice to go to the bathroom and 3 times to coax the 2 year old back to sleep.  I’m starting to get uncomfortable sleeping on my tummy so that bugs me and to top it all off, my 9 year old comes running in this morning saying ‘MOM, we have to go NOW, what are you doing???’  Um, see, last night he told me that his teacher told him the community picnic was from 5AM to 7AM.  I thought he was kidding.  I never ever would have taken that seriously.  I laughed and said “OK, we’ll be there bright and early.”  This morning?  He wasn’t kidding so much.  I had to spend the morning calming down a freaked out Gavin because we were MISSING the picnic that started at 5AM.

This morning?  I’m seriously contemplating using my caffeine allowance.  Plus, the coffee shop across the street has their limited edition PUMPKIN coffee drink out so… hmm… maybe.  I love the fall.  Not only do places start putting out their pumpkin flavoured treats which I love more than chocolate, but the apples are in season, the pomegranates start being sold, and I also think persimmons start to come out of hiding.  Other than the food, I love the weather, I love being able to wear cozy warm clothes, I love the trees.  Oh, and I love my birthday! LOL!  I know I’m not supposed to like getting older but I can’t help it.  I still love when my birthday comes.  Not that I ever really do anything these days, but it is still fun.  The kids get such a kick out of mom and dad having birthdays.  Mmm pumpkin coffee, I can stay awake for that.

I blogged about this over on the other page, but tomorrow marks my 100th shot.  Sort of.  That’s not including the Lupron shots or the PIO I did from the last transfer cycle.  My sharps container is getting REALLY full but I kinda want to get a picture of ALL the shots I’ve gone through when it is all said and done so I don’t want to turn it in to empty it yet.  I may have to just ask for another.

Just for fun:  An 8 week 3D ultrasound picture


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