Hot Mama Pants

For being as spendy as they are, I’m a little weirded out by the fabric of these new pants.  I kid you not when I say that all I need is a mustard yellow V-neck shirt and some shiny black boots and I could be the captain of a Constitution class starship.  The bonus is that they are REALLY comfortable.  They are designed to be worn through all of your pregnancy, from, well, now until, well, from what I understand with twins, until when my belly and I will need to negotiate who gets to be in the shower first.  The drawbacks are two.  1) There is NO butt love in these pants.  That may sound worse than what I meant so let me explain.  The top part is just more of the bottom part going up until it reaches my ribcage.  Presumably by the time my belly is larger, I will no longer be rolling the waistband down so as to not overtake my bra, but there you are.  A giant unitard does NOTHING to enhance the appearance of your rear.  The sales girl was speaking honestly when she said to never wear these without a shirt that can cover your ass.  2) The fabric is painful for an IVF pregnancy.  Assuming that if you did IVF you are also giving yourself shots.  I don’t know what it is about those shots, but the areas on my thighs and my back hips where I get (give) them feels like something is catching when the pants move.   So there you are, my review of the Hot Mama store pants.


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