Free quarters for everyone!

10 Weeks today.  1/4th of the way done.  I was at a big work gathering and I happened to sit next to two pregnant women.  One was clearly pregnant, and due in November, the other was not clearly pregnant.  She was due the week after us.  I would have loved to have skipped out on the whole presentation (which was boring and all about Centerpiece like always) and just talked with those two. 

A bit about that presentation.  They had an awards section where they gave out the CIO awards.  It is ALWAYS something to do with SAP.  I don’t really understand the background of this stuff, but clearly there is a particular group that is more visible than others and they are always the ones getting the awards.  For this particular one, there were a few overlaps even, of the people on the different teams so some people got 2 and even 3 of the same ‘exclusive super special really hard to get’ awards at the same time.  Bah, it drives me nuts.  Also, they had a question section and they were talking right before it about how important collaboration between all the IT teams is and I REALLY REALLY wanted to stand up and ask just how I was supposed to collaborate so well with the other IT people, or even other NON IT people, when they just took the #1 tool I USED in that, the cell phone, away from all of us?  No one ever answers their desk phone and now when I have a question for someone, I have to either leave a voice mail or send an e-mail, neither of which are very good problem resolution modes of communication, and then WAIT and WAIT for an answer.  It’s not even so much about MY phone (which I’m irritated about anyway), but it is about all the people I need to contact whom I now cannot.  We’re supposed to be “The Best” IT group in the world???   Um, without cell phones though.  Those are too extravagant.  I wanted to ask, but I chickened out.  Not really what I would consider a choice career move to throw controversial management decisions up in their faces during the presentation, I don’t think.  I AM now a member of the new “CV IT Communications Committee” so maybe in that regard I’ll whine about cell phones and communication to those poor people.

Anyway, back to the 10 weeks thing.  I’ve pretty much gotten my current clothing situation figured out with things that I can wear.  The drawback (and this might sound dumb) is that now that my pants don’t feel tight, I no longer feel like I’m growing exponentially faster than I had in my previous pregnancies and THAT makes me nervous.  I even had someone yesterday comment on my weight loss and how great I’m doing.  I was like, really?  You see the baggy clothes that I’m wearing, right?  These progesterone shots mean that even if something HAD happened, I’d never know.  I do hope that both of these little beans (Tilly and Tango, BTW, are their fetus names as per J) are doing well.  I wish I had some way to know.

Speaking of progesterone shots (and they are never far from my mind), I’ve been torturing myself by looking up information on when the placenta is formed and takes over and when OTHER people get to stop the shots.  While it is true that many many many people have to take them until 12 weeks, there are plenty of people that stop at 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, and yes, even 6 weeks!  The news online about the placenta is that GENERALLY, by the 6-8th week it is formed and working.  The whole 12 weeks thing is just to cover all the stats and what-ifs and everything.  I’d say the curve has most people stopping at 12 weeks but wow do I envy the 10 weekers!!  I’ve pretty much given up on the concept because I don’t believe that my body will test with a high enough P level to have the docs OK me going off.  For that matter, I’m almost a little worried that quitting cold turkey at 12 weeks will be too big of a jump for my system with the 3ccs per day and my historically low P production.  I know that if I was on the lower amount from the beginning it would be OK, I’m just nervous about the big, sudden drop.  So… I do the shots and it is sooo much harder now when I don’t really think A) it is helping anything and B) I even SHOULD be keeping up to such a high amount.  I kinda want to go in to get another P test now that I’m at 10 weeks and should, theoretically, have the placenta helping out with progesterone.  I haven’t asked though because of that whole giving up on it and not wanting to give off the impression that I’m some cold-hearted mean lady that selfishly wants to stop giving herself shots a few weeks early.  Every time someone says “Well, we know no one wants to jeopardize all you all have worked for.” it makes my hypothetical tail curl between my legs.  Of course I don’t want to.  Actually, I’m a bit concerned about the whole thing.  But they (docs) say it every time and I feel guilty every time so I’ve decided to stop bringing it up.  So there.  I still torture myself with google whenever possible.  (“AHH!  She stopped at 8 weeks??!!”)


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