Hey, I didn’t fall asleep ONCE while typing this!

Hello again!

I have to say, despite claims otherwise, I don’t feel all that awesome today.  The thing is, there is nothing specifically wrong, I just feel out of it.  If anything, I guess I’d label it as tired, which I most certainly am, but if that’s all it is, then I feel ‘tired’ enough that I feel short of breath lightheaded and headachy and my arm hurts and I feel some strange mix of really light heartburn or nausea or something that is not strong enough to be bad but still kinda sucks.  I was trying to explain this to my husband and he said “Well, you are pregnant.”  Bless the man.  It is his birthday today though so I’ll try to be nice.  Part of me wonders if this is really just my body’s reaction to the lack of exercise.  I just feel so weak – and in truth that is why I haven’t been talking much about working out lately either.  I just can’t seem to bring myself to get up early enough to get into the gym.  Plus I have to give myself that shot in the morning so when I veg out with the hot pack on my leg it is just too hard to motivate myself to get going and not, ya know, fit in a nap whenever possible.  I am constantly thinking I should just call in sick and go home and sleep but I THINK it would be bad to call in sick for 12 weeks.  And yet, it isn’t really bad.  None of it is bad enough for me to compete with the people that DO have issues in the first tri.  When you get down to it, it is ‘just tired’.  So when people ask, I tell them I’m doing fine.  I am.  I will also be very glad to hit 12 weeks though and hopefully get some energy back.  P and J, if this is any indication on how much energy these two are going to take to raise, hehe, you’re in for a treat!

On the shot front, there are 21 left!  1 more for tonight and then only 10 more days.

So, my son now has a cell phone.  His very own cell phone to carry around at school and wherever else he may go.  He informed me that he was told that he shouldn’t use the school phones to call me at the end of the day and I told him he would have to if he wanted to stop at a friends house or anything that wasn’t actually ‘home’.  I also really like the idea of him carrying something so whenever I feel like it, I can get a hold of him and know exactly where he is.  (Well, at least exactly where he SAYS he is, but he is young yet at 9 and I don’t think he’s up on the lying about that yet.  Plus, his phone has a tracking feature on the Verizon website where I can go and have him located.  Insert evil parental laugh here.)  Also on the verizon website, I set limits so he only gets so many voice minutes per month and he gets NO text abilities.  Hopefully this will keep him on the straight and narrow.  Shortly after handing it to him, he managed to download a game and send a picture to someone though so I have to check in with the company on those parental controls.  That’s all I need while I’m tired enough to face plant into the couch cushions while the little ones watch taped “Peep and the Big Wide World” shows until they start quacking and the laundry stays piled up in the living room… a 9 year old with the ability to take pictures and send them to my Mother-In-Law.

Speaking of my boys, my littlest one loves dolls.  Now, it may be that he loves TAKING his sister’s dolls, but all the same, he loves dolls.  There is this little cloth one that I found him with Sunday morning which means he must’ve gotten OUT of his crib at night (which I don’t think he does often) and gotten it, and climbed back in to sleep.  He asked for it again last night so I got it for him before leaving the room.  We got this catalog for the “My Twin” dolls and to be honest, they are equal parts fun and equal parts disturbing to me to see a doll JUST like your child.  I mean, talk about weird voodoo/chuckie thought lines there.  Anyway, Jessie would like one (that I might ask them to not make EXACTLY like her) and I was thinking about asking them if they make BOY dolls too for Ash.  I mean, if they are custom dolls anyway, maybe they could make one a boy.  It just seems unfair that he is stuck cuddling and nurturing only little girly dolls, although he doesn’t seem to mind.  I will tell you that it CRACKS ME UP to watch Asher take Jessie’s barbies and claim them ‘stinky’ (our word for needing a diaper change) and proceed to change their diapers.


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