The teens

Let’s talk about 13.  Today is Friday.  That means we are 11 weeks along today.  That means that I have exactly one more week worth of shots, or, because I already did my shot this morning, 13 more shots.  I’m totally psyched about this mostly because I’ve gotten so lazy about doing the shots “right” (and by “right” I mean in such a way that takes more TIME, but causes less PAIN) that I no longer use the cold pack and my backside hasn’t seen a hot pack in a few days.  I think my thigh really needs it so I keep that part up but lately I’ll just grab the shot and the alcohol wipe and do the shot in my hip myself moments before passing out in bed.  Interestingly, I haven’t noticed much of a difference without the cold pack so oh well on that one. 

13 is ALSO the age that I SWEAR to you my older son has turned.  He may only be 9 in actual years, but his attitude has 13 written ALL OVER IT.  Yesterday I made him do TWO horrible, no good, abusive, rotten things.  I FORCED him to practise his spelling words AND, get this, AND, I made him go to bed.  At 9PM.  I KNOW.  The poor child’s life is misery and pain and suffering.  At least, that is what you’d have thought looking at his tear stained face as he came into my room for the 30th time demanding to know “Why do you hate me so much?” and also “You only love Jessie and Asher and you wish I didn’t even live here.”  I kid you not, and this is NOT easy to say, I TOTALLY understand my mother now.  This isn’t the first time he’s said these things.  The intensity has just gone up lately.  The thing is, I realized something last night.  I don’t need to care.  Well, more to the point, I don’t need to react.  I HAD been reacting and reassuring that of course I love him and blah blah blah.  Talk about reinforcing behavior.  So now we will see how ignoring the emotional blackmail goes.  My real main point with all this is, he is 9.  What does this mean for when he is 13?  Also, just as a side note, they say boys are easier teens than girls.  I may need asylum when Jessie hits 12.

I told the main population at work today.  We have this morning meeting every morning and I just announced it.  Pregnant, twins, not mine.  Hehe.  Always so much fun.  It was a fun reaction and when I did say ‘surrogacy’ everyone was very possitive.  Maybe now I won’t feel so bad if someone sees me falling asleep in that darn morning meeting.


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  1. Glad to see everything is going well with the pregnancy, work, etc. Sorry to see that Gavin is having a teenage moment. I hope it passes soon. I think you’re right to ignore his emotional blackmail. Hopefully you can get it all over now so when he turns 13 he won’t act up, if nothing else, you’ll know how to deal with it when it comes.

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