Baby A vs Baby B…

Well, no drinking games were involved, but we did hear from both sides.  If I remember correctly, one’s heartrate was in the 150s and the other was in the 140s.  Our 12 week appointment went off beautifully with two little baby heart beats heard.  We didn’t manage to talk the doc into any ultrasounds, but we’ll still get that one at ~17 weeks so we’re OK.  P managed to ask most of his questions this time instead of staring adoringly at the OB while saying everything is good.  (Heh, sorry P, you know I cannot resist.)  Unfortunately, one of his questions was to ask if I could REALLY stop the shots this week or if we should go 12 weeks from FERTILIZATION.  Um, really?  Heh, he he, ha… um, really?  Thankfully he either went with what the OB replied OR he was frightened by the look I was giving him but either way, we’re all on the same page again about TOMORROW being my last day of shots!!  I would do a happy no-shot dance, but I’m afraid my new maternity pants would fall off. 

After the appointment, we scheduled the next one (mid-November) and we headed out to SHOP.  Totally fun.  Frist I brought them to my favorite baby store (even if it is pretty cheap-o, these are babies we’re talking about so they don’t need things to last for a long time) Baby Depot.  They had a ton of fun looking around at everything and even picked out a few things for the room.  They did not buy any clothing which my brain cannot fathom but I was trying very very hard to not be overbearing at all.  (I know, what, ME??)  It was absolutely wonderful to see the guys getting so excited about seeing the little baby things.  I think the clothing may have convinced them to find out the babies sexes since it really is HARD to find stuff that is gender neutral.  P was totally into the little girly girl dresses so I’m hoping we’ve got at least ONE XX set in there.

After all the baby stuff, we headed out to the Hot Mama store to get me some jeans since that was the only thing I did not get yet.  I got one pair that should last the pregnancy (we’ll see) and exchanged a shirt that had a small defect where the tag was sewn in.  Of course, P and J were big hits with the sales ladies although we never really explained to them what the situation was so who knows what they thought.  I personally am totally bummed about maternity pants.  Sure, they are comfortable enough, but the fact that my legs are shaped like, well, my legs, pants will never fit me right.  I basically have to buy them bigger and then get the waist tailored in.  Well, since maternity pants are meant to be nice and elastic on the waist, and because I’m already near the top of what ‘normal’ pant sizes are, I can’t do that as well.  So they remain very tight on my upper thighs and very loose on my waist (which will eventually change) and here I am holding my pants up all day because they’d like to work their way down to where they aren’t so tight on my thighs and *I*, conversely, would like them to defy gravity and stay where I put them.  I totally wish that someone would make pants for those of us with the saddlebag problem where they are bigger just in the upper thighs and the rest actually fits correctly. 

After this, we walked to a few shops in the area, Pottery Barn Kids and Gymboree.  No one made any purchases but we got to browse all the options anyway.  We then decided to head to dinner at Buca, which I LOVE.  We noticed Babies R Us was right there so we stopped there first and I think that was pretty intimidating for the guys.  We didn’t make it around that whole store but that’s OK.  Buca was wonderful and I even had a candy apple italian soda.  All in all, it was a lovely evening.  I have just one thing to share.  When we were at the first store, right after the appointment, P had leaned over to say something to the babies.  This had, in fact, taken me by surprise and my instinct was to jump out of the way from this crazy person getting all in my space.  Not that I was uncomfortable or anything, no, I was just amused by how I reacted.  In fact, I think it is very wonderful and even important for the babies to hear their Daddies talking to them so I simply readjusted my personal space rules and that was all.  Just one of those smaller things that you don’t really think about when carrying someone else’s babies around.

At the appointment, my weight was 176 and while not ideal, it was under 180 which would’ve made me cry to be over this early.  Buca aside, I know I’m eating fairly healthy, if a LOT, but healthy enough.  I also know that this massive fatigue has found me skipping the gym too often.  This Friday will be the true 12 week point and it will mean no more morning shots.  My plan is to use that milestone to get myself back into a healthier (and hopefully more energy creating) pattern of hitting the gym.  I know what I’m doing there isn’t a lot, but even that little bit is important.  I really want to do this healthy and ending up back at my starting point is not really an option.  I don’t want to have to take years to claw my way back to my pre-pregnancy self.


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re done with the shots and I hope that everything continues to go well for you and the little beans.

  2. Great news! The “talking to the babies in the tummy” story is so sweet… I’m glad things are going well!

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