I don’t care what you say, every time I whack that dead horse it gets funnier!

Yes people, I will whine until the very last cc.  Why?  Because I can.  I celebrated the last shot that I would ever give in my thigh this morning by selecting from the clearly overused section of muscle exactly where to place the needle.  I’ve been using the wrong sized needle lately because the company screwed up and sent me the wrong size.  It is a blue needle with a thinner needle size.  This really just means I have to get the PIO heated up well or push like hell on the syringe to get it out.  I had called and said it was the wrong size, but they sent me a new set of needles that were the right gage but were 1.5 inches long, which is .5 inches TOO long for the thigh needle.  I, of course, didn’t notice this until I had the needle 1.5 inches into my thigh and wondered why it HURT SO DAMN BAD to put the needle in that time.  I suppose I could’ve used the right gage/ too long needles and just not put it in that last .5 of an inch but I didn’t trust myself enough, or care enough about the gage, to do that.  Anyway, I took my very last thigh needle ever to be used and carefully felt over my left thigh for an area that was less lumpy than the rest. 

This wasn’t to be found.  Let’s count…  10 weeks at 7 days a week means 70 days of shots.  (That was easy.)  I did the thigh shot in the morning and the hip shot at night so that is 1 shot per day in the thigh, alternating thighs/days, gives me 35 total shots per side.  Given a circular area with a diameter of about 2 inches on my thigh where I can give the shot and it becomes clear that eventually, that PIO is just going to start squirting BACK out the other holes as you put it in just like a little backyard fountain.  OK, your skin heals better than that.  Still, it does mean that I could not find a single non-bruised-lumpy-itchy skin area to give that last shot.  I sucked it up and found an area that looked slightly less offensive and in went the last needle ever.  People, I’ve given birth 4 times, naturally (IE – no drugs besides pitocin which, let me tell you, is like a pain INTENSIFIER), to babies all over 8 pounds.  One was over 9.  I’ve had laser surgery on my eyes, awake, without any drugs due to the fact that I was still nursing and didn’t want any meds in my milk.  When I say that this last shot HURT, I really really mean it.  The minute I got the needle into my skin it burned like that patch of my leg was going to melt and fall off.  Why?  No idea.  It has never EVER hurt like that.  34 shots and other than some muscle pain some of the time (Although more recently even that was very rare), this kind of pain was unheard of.  I think the PIO was making a grand exit, is what I think.  That or I could repeat what I once said before which is, try not to use an area that is bruised and puffy from a previous shot.  Because it hurts.  And it does.  It burned while I drove into work.  It burned when I walked down the hall at work to replace a PC.  It burned while I sat at my desk reading e-mails.  It burned while I got my lunch and walked back to my desk.  What a grand finale!  Ah, but it is all good.  Because I never have to put a shot in my leg again.  And the healing and debruising and all that can start.  Oh, and there are two little heartbeats that have made it to 12 weeks.

Who is looking forward to that last hip shot for tonight???

This weekend we are heading out to the cabin with my mother in law.  We have done this once every year since Kris and I were married.  Gavin is overjoyed about fishing and I know the other kids just like the change of daily routine.  I enjoy going out to the cabin, however sleeping arrangements when any of the kids has been little have been challenging.  Last year I ended up with a seriously kinked neck due to trying to sleep with Asher in the bed with me.  I’m hoping that this year he is old enough to understand ‘go to sleep’ even if it isn’t his normal crib and all that.  We shall see. 

Oh, one more surro thing.  P was asking about some of the OB’s habits and practises and happened to talk about forcepts or vacuum deliveries.  Now, it being not my babies, I have limited say over this however I will say that for myself, I’d rather douse myself in kerosene and run naked through a smoker’s convention than have either of those things anywhere near me.  (The naked part being worse than the potential burning to death part, if you ask me.)  The doc was saying that in some cases it can prevent a Csection and I’d rather had the section is what I said (and mean), however I was thinking about that today.  Note above reference to previous births.  All with practically not even any rips/stitches or anything.  Now, twins are generally smaller at birth than singletons so I don’t expect to be birthing any 9 pounders here and I’d even be shocked at 8 pounders.  Seriously, I can’t even imagine a reason why I’d need forcepts or a vacuum extractor for a 5-7 pound baby in any birth situation given my history.  I think, in retrospect, that whole conversation was moot.

Finally, on the topic of things from the appointment I forgot to share, after the guys left I had the less fun parts of the appointment with the doc.  (Breast exam, pelvic, he asked if I wanted another pap to which I replied “No.  Get much call for the extraneous pap smear here in the office, do you?”)  He was talking about the ultrasound we’d get scheduled and he said we’d check out the placentas more and determine if they were fraternal or identical.  I was kinda thrown.  I mean, the odds of one of the embryos having not made it and the other one splitting into identical are really low.  Ya, I would think they’d look and all but it was one of those things I wasn’t expecting him to say.  Like… “We’ll count their fingers then and make sure they are only growing 5 on each hand.”  Ya, they’d do it… but odds being what they are it isn’t really one of those things that needs to be pointed out.  I don’t know… I just found it very odd.


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  1. Hey Robin! I just thought I’d let you know that the in-vetro twin boys that one of my Daycare mothers was expecting arrived healthy and robust at 36 weeks gestation. Tully was 6 lbs 8 oz…and Stoney was 7 lbs 1 oz. Both were 19 in. long. Everyone is fine. Mom had a c section since her first set of twins were c section. I’m glad to see that you’re getting along well with your pregnancy. Congratulations on the 2 little heartbeats. I’ll be interested in knowing if the difference in the heart rates means there’s a girl and boy in there. Send me an email OK?

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