Wow, what a difference!

Hello!  We are back from the cabin.  I had a nice time up at there, albeit, I was very happy to get back home.  The best year ever for going to the cabin was when we had the RV there and I could shower and use a real bathroom.  Huh, that makes me sound like a girly girl, which I’m not.  Oh well.

The kids did OK on the trip.  Yes, they were generally old enough to enjoy it but they were also old enough to FIGHT with each other.  The car rides were long.  I honestly think something happens to your brain when you are a kid with your siblings because I cannot understand how they can be so rude to each other.  I do remember doing it with my own siblings (And truly, if YOU had to grow up with my big sister, you’d remember it too.) but it still baffles me. 

Gavin spent as much time as the rain would allow out fishing.  He was getting pretty bummed by the end of the trip that he hadn’t even caught a sunny or anything.  He was out on the dock fishing to the last possible second and he FINALLY came running in with a little sunny on his line for a picture before letting it go.  Jessie went out fishing with Gavin, my Mother-In-Law, and Kelly for the one big boat fishing trip they all got in and she was the only one to actually catch anything.. using her little barbie fishing rod, of course.  There was sadly a large Bass that she caught at the end of the trip that ‘tail walked’  (Just repeating what was said to me) as she was reeling it in and it scared her so much that she leg go of the rod.  Big bad Bass made off with said barbie rod and Jessie was very very upset.  She declared an end to fishing for life even though my MIL said they’d get her another rod.  She wanted nothing to do with it.

Later that night, we went out to a nearby store and my MIL brought her to the sporting good section to have her pick out a new rod.  I was certain she’d start crying again and refuse to look at the things but she was very excited to pick out a different rod.  This time we got a little Dora one that floats if it gets dropped in the water.  Asher, of course, needed his own rod and absolutely had to have the spiderman one even though I tried to get him to want the spongebob rod because it also floated.  Gavin, thinking those little ones must be good luck, insisted on a transformers rod so they all got new rods.  Jessie and Asher both had little (Giant, actually, for a sinker… think the size of a small cell phone) fish that came with the rods so we tied those onto the lines and they could play fish in the cabin.  Jessie declaired that hers was ONLY a TOY rod and that she never had to use it to actually fish with.  Asher slept with his and wouldn’t let it go.

Speaking of sleeping, it went better this year than last.  At first we planned on me sleeping in the room with the pack-n-play where Ash would sleep and Jessie insisted on sleeping in the bed with me.  Well, it was pretty clear that Ash would not sleep with me in there so I left and Jessie begged to stay in there.  I said OK, but ONLY if she wouldn’t make any noise.  It worked somewhat OK that first night but Kris ended up going in there to sleep so everyone played musical beds that first night.  The second night Jessie wouldn’t stop talking to Ash as they both started out awake at the same time.  I made her leave (under extreme protest) and Gavin asked if he could sleep in the room with Asher.  So, oddly enough, the two boys fell asleep great, Jessie slept on the couch out in the room with Kris and I, and Kris and I, for the first time since we went to the cabin without any kids at all, got to sleep in the same room.  I would’ve even slept all night (minus runs to the outhouse to pee at night) except that Kris the pyro stoked up the fire so high in the wood burning furnace that it was a million degrees in there (and NOT all that cold outside even) so I had to open the door and try to sleep in the chair closest to the door so I could even breath it was so hot.

That brings me to the other topic, the surrogacy.  So, as all the free world (and then some) knows, I stopped my shots on Friday.  We left to go camping on Friday so all those first few days were out at the cabin.  I think with the worry that I felt over the weekend that had I been home, I’d have probably done a 1cc shot here or there just to wean my system down off the shots.  I couldn’t because I was gone.  So as it was, we went cold turkey on the PIO.  Also on the Estrace pills, but those never seemed to be such a big deal.  Everything seems to still be going well so the concern was baseless, I guess.  Boy, what a difference though!  Now that my system is being left to its own means of distributing hormones, the pregnancy feelings that I’m used to are finally kicking in.  Part of that was me constantly trying to COOL THE HELL DOWN all weekend.  It was rainy and chilly most of the time up at the cabin, even getting down to 40 Degrees F on Friday night.  All I had packed was long pants and long sleeves in anticipation of a cool weekend.  That and my evil husband kept putting fuel on the fire and closing the windows that I would open.   It is also bliss to just go to sleep at night (and just go start your day in the morning) knowing that you don’t have to drag your butt down to the kitchen to prep and administer that shot.

12 weeks and 3 days along.  YAY!  I can sometimes even imagine that I can feel movement in the general area which seems unlikely but it is still fun to think about.  I did keep my word and made it into the gym this morning.  I will absolutely have to find some maternity lycra shorts that I can wear under my regular maternity workout shorts because the support would be good.  I could REALLY tell that I hadn’t been hitting the gym for a long time though.  I dutifully kept my heart rate below the limit for my 25 minute workout and I was still sweating and feeling that workout.  Dang you can lose that edge fast.  I’m also feeling MUCH more energized during the day though such that the old tired feeling isn’t so overbearing.  I am very glad that I made it even though it was very hard to stop hitting snooze on the alarm this morning.  There were also two other women in the gym that I *think* were pregnant… in the earlier stages.  Of course, I had no intention of going up to them and asking when they were due or anything, but it was kinda funny to see that I wasn’t alone with my belly there.


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  1. Hey now, little sister. . . watch it! 🙂

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