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So, remember when I said all my worry over stopping the PIO shots cold turkey were baseless?  Ya.  Probably, but a strange coincidence followed that.  On Monday I started spotting a little.  Not a lot or anything but it doesn’t really take a lot to completely mess with your head.  I called in to go through the circus of the evil triage gaurd that is there to halt all who wish to speak to the actual doctor on the phone.  After listening to her insist that I must have a bladder infection or that spotting is not that uncommon and anyway I was only 12 weeks along so they couldn’t do anything for the pregnancy and I should just wait and see if it got worse, I finally ended up being annoying persistent enough to get through to the doctor that knew what PIO actually was.  I got to go in for a progesterone test…and…. we got an US scheduled.  I’m telling you people, a little bleeding and it is in the bag.  It strikes me as interesting that I cannot lie about bleeding just to get the US though.  I know full well that it would work and I don’t think I have any ethical issues with it as I certainly have called with the INTENT of doing that a few times.  When it comes down to it though, I don’t do it.  With it actually happening now though, I think I understand why.

Seeing yourself bleeding in pregnancy is traumatic.  I don’t care how little it is, it is traumatic.  Even my 4 year old FLIPS RIGHT OUT if she sees red anywhere on her body, so it isn’t JUST that, but I’m limiting it to pregnancy now.  Well, let’s time travel back to the early morning when I rolled my 39 weeks pregnant body out of bed and turned on the bathroom light and sat on the bathroom throne only to look down and see my pants soaked red to the knees.  See, traumatic.  It’s just not something you play act with.  There’s the fear that if I SAID it, it would end up happening out of kharma and I’d not like that.  So there you have it, my brain has decided, perhaps without formally announcing it to me, that you just don’t lie about bleeding.  So now it really happened and there I was with the offer for an US.  All I could think was, crap. What will I say to P and J?

It is an interesting place to be.  Not wanting to upset anyone and certainly not wanting to admit that my body isn’t doing the most totally perfect job EVER with this, you know that anything less than total and prompt disclosure would not go over well.  It is so funny how we associate our sense of self worth with our fertility abilities.  It isn’t just women.  Guys are all over how manly their sperm make them.  The guilt associated with losing Anily was huge.  Did I have anything to do with this spotting?  Of course not – but I still felt responsible and didn’t want to admit it.  More importantly though, I didn’t want to BUG P and J.  I didn’t want to interrupt their day with my issues.  I didn’t want to make them worry out of their minds about something that most of me thought I was blowing totally out of proportions.  I still had to, and that was all there was to it.  So I called, shared the news, and hey, US, right??!!

They took it very well.  J ran out to be there for the US (in his totally hottie work clothes) and P, who couldn’t get out, was very unhappy about not being able to get out.  After the blood draw for the progesterone test (which I’d get the results for the next day) I asked if I could use the equipment to check for the heartbeats since the US wasn’t for about an hour.  They wouldn’t even answer me outright, they just would say that the doc had 2 patients to see and then he could see me.  Um, I don’t need to see the doc, I know where the equipment is, I can run it myself.  They wouldn’t even just say ‘no’ to me, they just kept saying the doc would be able to see me later.  Well, I didn’t WANT to wait for later, I wanted to hear the heartbeats NOW.  I don’t think they got that.  Eventually, I did see the doc and he got the heartbeats so that was done.  I headed over to the hospital for the US (attached building).

I checked in for the US and got my fancy bracelet ID.  I then waited for J to arrive and them to call us in.  It took FOREVER.  The front desk person said they had just gotten slammed, so sorry for it taking so long.  I was trying to figure out how in the world anyone could get backed up by 45 minutes in the 30 minutes between when they scheduled my appointment and I got there.  Anyway, J excused himself to use the restroom and I told him they’d call us in while he was gone for sure and that he should’ve gone a long time ago.  Sure enough, as soon as he was out of the room, it was our turn.  The US tech (kinda cutie guy) told me to disrobe and use the sheet/gown combo he had laid out for me.  I was a bit confused as I thought I was beyond the whole dildo-cam stage but he said that magic date was 14 weeks, not 12.  Deciding against the full blown temper tantrum that I wanted to throw, I agreed to it sulkily.

We got the US going and there were a few tense moments when we had not yet seen Baby A jump around but A finally did move for us and the heartbeats were well and good.  It was so fun for J to get to see them moving around and being all baby-like!  We did not see any obvious source of bleeding, so that was good.  The US tech told me that he didn’t think we’d need to do the trans-vaginal wand and proceeded to explain why.  He didn’t need to tell me WHY.  He pretty much had me at the proverbial ‘hello’ on that one.  Anyway, in the interest of science, I’ll share his ‘why’.  He said that with twins, everything was easier to see and the uterus was much bigger.  He said it was more like a 24 week uterus than a 12 week uterus.  I could’ve TOLD him that.    Sheesh.  In the end, all we really had to go off of for the potential source of bleeding was that one of the placentas was ‘near’ the cervix. 

In talking with the OB doc again later that night, he said that he doubted very much that it had anything to do with the placenta being near the cervix AND that he would be shocked, at this point, with two placentas and a smaller uterus if there wasn’t some sort of placenta previa going on.  This was good to hear as I’d hate to think a case of placenta previa would force a CSection on me.  Since we didn’t have the progesterone results back, I asked if I should just do a 1cc shot that night (because, evidently, I hate myself) and he agreed that it was a good idea.  I was still spotting about 9PM when I did the shot and by 12AM, no more spotting.  So far, as of right now, there has been no more spotting and I did NOT do another 1cc shot last night.  The progesterone results came back yesterday at about 40-something so the doc said I wouldn’t have to do anymore shots.  I do think though, I was at 100-something with 4ccs.  I went down to 70-something with 3ccs in the early weeks before the placenta started working.  By now with 3ccs AND the placenta working I could’ve easily dropped 100 points in progesterone to go DOWN to the 40s.  Personally, I think that could’ve had something to do with the spotting.  It seems odd that it stopped after the 1cc shot.  We may never know.  Either way, all seems well now.  P and J seemed really glad that I talked to them right away.  I just know that it made me feel guilty.  I know, crazy grown ups.  I’m just glad it all worked out OK.


3 Responses

  1. Hey. I had spotting with David and it ended up being an infection. And yes, it is amazing that you can get an US for spotting a bit. 😉 They even did it even though I had just had one the week before. Hope it is the PIO and not an infection. Did they swab to check if it was an infection? I had off and on spotting until we discovered it was an infection.

  2. Wow, that was suspenseful… I’m glad that everything turned out well.

  3. I’m so glad the spotting has stopped and both bubs are looking good. Take care.

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