I was going to say….

I had been planning on writing today about how my teeth hurt because I’ve been sleeping while breathing with my mouth open because anytime I find myself anything less that vertical, my head decides to become the poster child for congestion.  Am I sick?  No, this happened with the other pregnancies too.  I don’t know why and I don’t really care.  I just know that an entire night with your mouth open and your fragile pregnant gums exposed to dry air means that now I wake up to hold a mouth full of water for a few minutes to try and reintroduce moisture.  Well, I HAD been planning on writing that.

This morning I checked my phone on my way out of the gym.  I don’t get reception there so I always check to see if I got called while in the basement.  I had a voice mail on it that had evidently been left Sunday morning so… ya… clearly I need to check that phone more often.  I listened to my voice mail and it was the totally sweetest little message from J.  He had been out shopping and found this baby store that he was so excited about and he was thinking about the babes and he just wanted to call.  I was very touched by this message.  I was really touched by the part where he said that he wished I was there to share it with him.  See, I like to be involved in general because I’m pretty nosey and overbearing and all that.  On a certain level, at least, I am aware of this character, um, trait.  Generally not enough to avoid doing it, but at least aware.  Thus, I get nervous that I am pushing and inviting myself into people’s lives when maybe it is more my idea than theirs.  OK, probably it is more my idea than theirs.  It was so very touching to have him call and just say that he wished he could share that with me because for once, I could know that it was totally instigated by someone that was NOT myself, and that feels great.  Plus, he was extremely cute in his message.  Thanks J!

I got an e-mail then today from P sharing about when he was telling his coworkers and the response and his excitement and all that as well.  More of the same.  Just very fun to hear.  I couldn’t imagine doing this for a couple that was long distance from me or that didn’t at least talk to me often.  That boost of being able to deal with the downsides of pregnancy with more grace and less whine because you really see what you are doing this for regularly is so awesome.

So while I wanted to talk about how I get winded these days just taking a freaking shower  (Which, to my shock, I found was true even AFTER my 25 minute workout during all of which I was on my feet… I guess showers are just draining.) I guess I can curb my enthusiasm for talking discomforts.  Plus, being at only 13 weeks, I’ve got lots of discomforts to whine about coming.  I made the mistake of reading the bump fairy’s update today (linked on the blogroll) and she really messed with my state of denial for what is to come.

Thanks for the notes, P and J.  I love seeing this through your eyes and very much appriciate how much you are happy to include me.


2 Responses

  1. I hated the pregnancy congestion. I hope it gets better for you.

  2. Ahhh, I rember that pregnancy congestion. Yeah that sucks. And getting tired doing anything. I think I’d get more tired changing my clothes in the locker room than during my actual workout.

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