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Yuko update, 4 months in

I am now almost exactly 4 months in after the Yuko treatment.  I have to say that it still looks the same as it did to me the day after washing it.  Not AS straight as straight ironing it, but absolutely tamed.  I was worried about this lasting at least 6 months to bring down the cost per month, however I think now that it won’t be an issue.

Part of why I worried is that my hair grows so fast.  That doesn’t seem to be much of an issue here though because the new growth is obviously right at my scalp and is being weighted down by all the rest of my treated hair.  Since I don’t have actually CURLY hair, only frizzier than hell hair, it seems to be growing in without notice.  I cannot see a line where the treatment started or stopped.  Most importantly, I can still wear my hair down with nothing in it and it does not take over my head.  I love that part.

The scary part?  I would really like to go get about 12 inches cut off (another locks of love donation) as it is quite long now.  I’m nervous to do that because those 12 inches will all be treated hair and I could very well be left with enough non-treated new growth to start to frizz out again.  Since I cannot redo the treatment while pregnant (no specific orders on that one, I’m just assuming) I might just wait until April/May to have it cut so that I can redo the treatment at that time if I need to.  Then I think – ack – do I really want to have to have this long hair, getting longer, until May?

I know, I know, you were all bored out of your mind.  Still, I get a few search hits on the Yuko treatment so I wanted to give an update.  I’m still totally in love with it, 4 months later.


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